Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh! The hair!

Last night a friend of mine sent me asked if we can go out and have some fun. I was in the mood last night to went out, I love going out during weekdays. One thing I love about the clubs during weekdays is that you meet people who are somehow professional and not just some brats. The bad thing of going out during weekends is that mostly though there are some people who are working in offices who also wants to have a great time but most of them are students or if luck is not in your side you'll meet your helper, I have nothing against them. I am a student and I am not rich too. Anyway when I don't remember the time when I hit the sack but when I woke up today it was around ten in the morning already. Since its my off today and I don't have to go to school too I was thinking about the things that I would do today. I decided I need to have my hair cut, my workmates said that its a bit long already. I only knew a few hairstyles which I don't look good at them either, I can name a few like bob cut, crew cut or shaved. First I went to David's, I don't spend that much for a haircut or I think for anything at all but this time I think I need to look good. They only have one stylist the receptionist said and I said that I will just wait. The girl asked again if I am I can wait because their stylist is doing a relax and I assured her that its definitely fine with me. I asked her how long will it take then she said that about four hours, I was really shocked. Four hours for a hair relax? I couldn't imagine people can stay that long in salon just for their hair. I mean after a few shampoo the effect of it would be gone anyway. Just the sight of a salon makes me sick and others would stay there for four hours just for a relax. Well I am not really sure how will a hair look after a relax, I don't have a girlfriend obviously and I don't think a boy or a gay guy would need a relax. That must be very expensive. Oh! My Gawd!

I went to another salon and the stylist asked what kind of hairstyle would I like. I don't know any hairstyle, I just want it short that it would still look fine even without combing, I answered. Obviously I don't spend that much in front of a mirror, I find it a waste of time but I want to look good, I think I'm just too lazy. I really find having a haircut too dreadful. I don't know if its only me, I'd rather work than have haircut.
I'm still exchanging messages with him. I think he is living a very boring life, I don't know. My life is a little bit boring and very dull and sad too. I'm hoping to meet him one day. I haven't asked if he still remembers how I look. I don't know how he looks either. His taller than me, his 5'11". That's a man. But I am not giving anything, I just don't believe in happy ending these days.
I just found out what is the term they used for this problem that I am having right now. They call it line breaks. I've checked on the settings already and it shows "yes" in there but I just wondered why when I published my post the result is a big NO for the line breaks. I tried to preview this post and I guess its working now, but there are times it doesn't.


  1. ohmahgawd. me too. i have haircuts. one time- i told this guy to make my hair shorter and he turned it into a barber's cut. gawd. i was THIS close to killing him with the razor.

    yeay for hating haircuts! HIGH FIVE!

  2. p.s. its hate. not have haha.

  3. hmmm..i think i need a haircut. been wanting to fix this hair of mine after i was given an rotc look by the barber i went to a few weeks ago. (just flatterd kasi napagkamalan pa niya ako na isang college student at my age!) hahaha!

  4. four hours? that's crazy! di ko kakayanin yun.

    re:line breaks. if the < br/>s don't work, you can also put them in < p> tags. just close it by using a < /p>. you can look it up online. it's fairly easy and blogger really should have a way to automate this.

  5. I don't think a boy or a gay guy would need a relax.

    there are those who actually do need. and i'm the best example. hehehe. i usually spend 2.5hrs to 3hrs in a salon for a haircut, hair color and hair treatment.

    in terms of hair stuffs, as in personal hygiene, its really to each his own. hehehe.

    this post reminded me that i need to go back to the salon soon.