Monday, April 6, 2009


I am currently reading Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I am still about half of it. I am planning to read an average of thirty pages every day so that I would be able to finish reading the book this month. The book is considered a classic as what the covers states, I love the story though. The words were arranged in a way that is easy for me to comprehend. A lesson I've learned so far is that bad behaviors might be a result of bad childhood. It is just so unfair though that there are people that would suffer for the things that they can't control. When I was asked before if God was fair I said no, if I were God I would place a human being in a single place where everybody is equal until reaching a certain age which is 18 years old for example. For eighteen years all would be treated equally with same talents and the same foods available then after eighteen years old then one can choose his destiny, whether he wants to be a painter or what he wants to do in life. It is just so sad that people are not given the same opportunity when they were a child. Other children have enjoyed things which others don't. This is what I remember when while I was reading this book. I also remember that our family has horses and until now they still have them. I haven't ride in a horse though only to a carabao. We have this carabao in my grandparents farm and during summer I stayed in the farm with them. It was a great experience for me and I really missed it now. I was thinking of going back there this Lenten season and maybe try riding on horses.

I received a message from Pup yesterday, he said he really wants to know me more. I like him and that is for sure but I am scared of the idea of having a relationship with someone. I don't want to give up the things that I enjoyed now which I won't enjoy anymore when I am in a relationship, the freedom to flirt without that guilt deep inside you that would haunt you throughout the day and the freedom to go wherever you want to be. I am still confused right now with what decision I have to make but I am enjoying every moment.

I have a chinky friend who wants to try having a double eyelid surgery. I asked him if that is possible for his very chinky eyes he said yes and in fact there are more people who has undergone this type of surgery than going to a dentist, yikes!


  1. It would be a weird world, like Michael Bay's The Island. Oh! I would be Scarlett. Kiddin! But seriously, I admire your thoughts.

  2. i haven't read this book. i'm allergic to the classics but you make it sound so interesting. it's true. di talaga fair ang mundo. lalo when you have close encounters with the less fortunate. we had a lot back in school. maganda yang idea mo. i-pitch natin sa eutopia.

    re:double eyelid surgery. wow.. seriously? more than the dentist?

  3. that is so true. i usually have my messiah complex on when i'm bored and think about how some of us are just soo fucked up being born in this country. haha.

    seriously though.

    about the book; i havent finished any of my books yet-they've been rotting in my bookshelf for almost a month now! GAWDDD

    and and i'm just so happy for you and PUP huhuhu. kaingget. *sob*

    best of luck with both of you :) *HUGS*

  4. My, my.. I would a world like that.. At least maaga tayong pwedeng magstart in life, and with equal opportunities.. It would mean na equal ang chance nateng lahat na maging successful.. Wala nang magiging jealous ang bitter in life.. Hehehe..

    Naku, pagisipan mong mabuti if you want to be in a relationship with PUP or not.. Mukhang long-term relationship ang hanap nya, sooobrang madami talaga ang magbabago at madami ka ding mamimiss.. When in doubt, don't..