Sunday, May 5, 2013

Number 28: Ang Ladlad

Philippine politics is one of the dirtiest yet the most profitable enterprise in the world. I wonder how these politicians could face their families. I hate to particitpate in politics specially the election however I think that maybe the reason why this country is in a bad shape and full of corrupt officials is because of people like me. Those who do not care and just complain. Those who refused to stand up for what is right and speak up.  I decided that I will vote for this coming election.

This coming election would be my first time to vote. Like any other voters I wish that the winners are those that are selected in my ballot. This seem to be impossible to happen. I already have some senators to vote but I still haven't completed my list. Some of my colleagues are planning to vote too but they are not planning to complete the list for 12 senators. I totally disagree to some that they do not complete voting for the 12 seat and feeling good about it, its just like giving a change to those corrupt officials. We may not have the perfect candidate but surely a lesser evil will do.

In line with this post I would like to ask you to please vote for the party list "Ang Ladlad."  I would like to make an argument on why I chose to support this party list but I guess the word "equality" would sum it all. My eyes are not blind on how the LGBTcommunity has suffered and this partylist was even rejected by the COMELEC yet allowed bogus partylists to join the 2010 election.