Monday, September 27, 2010

Poverty, Justin Beiber and school

I don't want to go out today. The sky is gloomy and its raining. I love the rain. I've been doing a lot of thinking these days and less physical activities. I've been absent from school three times already. I'm planning of not going to work but the thought of what will happen to my paycheck scares me.

I'm having a problem with my language class. I am so passionate about the language, I love it, I love the people who speaks it but unfortunately I just couldn't speak the language. I am having a problem understanding its grammar. I'm not just really good in languages. For example, I've been studying English for years and my grammar is still below average. Anyway, I'm not giving up. I'm still going to school. I can use my being absent three times as the reason that I am not good compared to my classmates. I sometimes envied those people who can abandon their dreams easily without much having to suffer a lot consequences.

I am scared of surrendering my dreams or the mere thought of losing it. I've been very lazy the past few days and I don't know how much time I have left before poverty overtakes me. I've considering of buying a new music player. I need more space to store data. I'm listening to Justin Beiber and I'm loving the boy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy days ahead and to come

I have been very busy this past weeks and in the days to come. I'm learning a new language, finally. I couldn't feel my rest days anymore but I'm loving it. It's like being back during those days when I was a working student. Tired at the end of the day but you're happy about it. I've felt a sense of pride in myself. I only have a until the end of this school year to learn this new language and after that when the school year starts I'm back to academia.

I finally subscribed to Bayantel Wireless. It's supposed to be 512 kpbs which is what I get and it even exceeded the speed but I get disconnected several times which frustrates me. I think I'm going to cancel my subscription. I'm considering of getting Globe WiMax. Hopefully my experience is different from the current one that I'm using. I dunno if they have that fair usage policy for this one. I am a prepaid subscriber and I was blocked for subscribing to their Supersurf promo because I downloaded too much.