Monday, August 2, 2010

the need to upgrade

I definitely need a new battery for my laptop. Last week I've checked its condition and it was "fair" and I checked it today it changed to "poor." The thing is, it costs an arm and a leg. I've checked in Mac Center and it costs Php 7500. I've been considering of having the battery repacked, I just don't know if its safe to be done to a macbook pro. I'm scared that my laptop will explode or something. My battery barely lasts an hour. When I turn it on its battery indicator would show that I only have an hour and a few minutes left before it will die. I'm thinking of buying one over the internet but I don't know how to determine if its original or just imitated. It's a little bit affordable if I would buy one online in some multiply accounts and some websites.

The new macbook pro's could last about 10 hours according to their website but I tested one and its just 7 hours actually, the standby mode might reach 10 hours but I'd rather turn off my laptop if I have no plans of using it for a longer time rather than putting in a standby mode. The new battery, according to the salesperson I have spoken with said that a new battery would last about 7 hours, so based on my calculations that would mean 5 hours according to my usage.

I tried to rent in some internet cafe's that has laptop area's so that I can connect my laptop to a power source and be connected to the internet at the same time. But aside from they are expensive they don't allow downloads which is the reason why I have to get to the internet. Are there some internet shops around that doesn't cost an arm an a leg to rent, allow downloads and has wide tables for their laptop areas? I couldn't find one where I live.