Monday, May 24, 2010

On self-improvement.

I am currently looking for a gym that is near in any MRT or LRT station. One that has a hot shower. I have no plans of becoming a member. I just want to visit there whenever I want. So there should be no restrictions on their facilities whether you are a member or not. Is there one that exists? And the rates please.

I want to tone my muscles or maybe have some. My colleagues are telling me that I am too thin. I look like a walking stick they said. I faced myself in the mirror and I look fine. Anyway, I had problems with my eyes so I guess they are right.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

USB Modems

During my stay here in the Metro my very own ISP has been mcdonald's and MOA. I am planning to get a dsl connection but since I have no plans of staying here that long and it would require me to sign up for a contract if I would get one. I decided to try those highly commercialized usb modems. I have read a lot of bad reviews about them but I thought that I'd give it a try. I have no plans of using it for downloading stuff, so I guess when people said slow it is still pretty fast and ok for me. I tried sun broadband wireless at first but I can't log-in. I tried buying a new sim card but still it didn't work, i still have enough credits on my account. Then I tried globe, I'm very desperate at this time and it works but my aunt's dial-up connection is way faster and better than this. I wonder what's wrong with this country and why is everybody can't do an honest business. I trusted those commercial models and yet they're just being used to make some fraud. I couldn't even get the speed that was advertised on tv not even 5% of it. I am again but to the point in my life where I wish I wasn't born in this country.

I'm so tired to get to Mcdonalds and I'm not hungry and going there makes me fat, I've gained weight ever since I used it as my ISP. MOA is a little bit far from where I live. What a country. I can't think of better ways to get online right now. It took me an hour just to log-in to my blog. I haven't even tried blog hopping yet.