Saturday, May 1, 2010

USB Modems

During my stay here in the Metro my very own ISP has been mcdonald's and MOA. I am planning to get a dsl connection but since I have no plans of staying here that long and it would require me to sign up for a contract if I would get one. I decided to try those highly commercialized usb modems. I have read a lot of bad reviews about them but I thought that I'd give it a try. I have no plans of using it for downloading stuff, so I guess when people said slow it is still pretty fast and ok for me. I tried sun broadband wireless at first but I can't log-in. I tried buying a new sim card but still it didn't work, i still have enough credits on my account. Then I tried globe, I'm very desperate at this time and it works but my aunt's dial-up connection is way faster and better than this. I wonder what's wrong with this country and why is everybody can't do an honest business. I trusted those commercial models and yet they're just being used to make some fraud. I couldn't even get the speed that was advertised on tv not even 5% of it. I am again but to the point in my life where I wish I wasn't born in this country.

I'm so tired to get to Mcdonalds and I'm not hungry and going there makes me fat, I've gained weight ever since I used it as my ISP. MOA is a little bit far from where I live. What a country. I can't think of better ways to get online right now. It took me an hour just to log-in to my blog. I haven't even tried blog hopping yet.


  1. don't blame it on our country. those are private companies and you have to know that the place you're in determines the connection. i have a friend from blumentritt whose connection speed with globe tattoo is incredibly fast. why don't you try the new wi-tribe 4G?

  2. lars, not your real name, the problems with broadband throughout the country happens to be precisely a failure of the administration and Congress. broadband is something that requires effective regulation and government intervention into the proper building of broadband infrastructure. everywhere where the free market has had total control over the process has led to very poor average speeds or a few areas with really good avg speeds and absolutely no coverage anywhere else. so, i think gram is correct in assigning blame in this -- and this phenomenon of lack of broadband access is something that can be comparatively described with similar countries around the world.

  3. its been like that since last year those USB kit ek ek hay naku wala kwenta.magtiyaga ka nalang sa mga cafe...