Sunday, October 30, 2011

missing home, finally

I just got back from a very long vacation. I remember how sad I was to go on vacation since I thought it was just a waste of time. I miss my grandmother and my mother is there too. I am not really close to any of my relatives and I have no plans before of getting close to them either.  However, I already paid for my ticket and I can no longer cancel my application for my leave.

But last night I felt like crying when I arrived in Manila. I want to stay there forever and abandon what I have here, which is almost worthless by the way. I don't have much friends here but there I found joy in being with my relatives. People changed just like me and them. I started liking them more. I wanted to cry but since I haven't cried for a long time that I already had forgotten how to. I felt like turned into a stone that only a great emotion could awaken me and put tears on my eyes. Yet, I feel so lonely right now, I feel like going to church or do something. 

I have uploaded some of the pictures I've taken from home. I love waking up in the morning before I jog looking at these scenery.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

am I willing to assist?

I was boarded on a plane when the flight attendant informed me that I was seated in the emergency exit and if an emergency arises she asked if I am willing to assist. I was thinking OMG! Why on Earth would I do that? I shall save my self first if ever that happens so I immediately said no and transfer me to another seat.

She then asked a foreigner in front me and he answered yes to her question. I then asked her what she meant by assist because I was thinking I would be the one to make sure that everybody gets out and I would be shouting telling everyone to calm down and I got everything under control and that we are not going to die. She said that I just have to open the door and exit. HA! In that case I asked her that I will be the first one to get out of the plane then, she said yes and further explains that what she meant by assist is just to open the door. Oh, that was easy, I thought. Also, the fact that I would be the first one to get out of the plane if ever an emergency happens is good rather than I have to squeezed myself with others trying to get out first. I then told her that I changed my mind and I am willing to assist if that is just by opening the door and I exit after.