Monday, January 6, 2014


They said that fingerprints are like our personality, no two people can have the same. However in this world that we are living right now I'm pretty much sure that we have our own identities that are unique to us and I just experienced that in my life recently. It was supposed to be a sexy and steaming night but it ended a little bit funny nevertheless I still had fun.

So I was in this place and just let's just say "fishing." And so a fish came and made some small talks something that you'd probably seen in TV where people are trying to make the other person feel that you are far interesting than the other person in order for you to be interested in that person. And so I was interested in this person and we decided to have our private moments. While we were having this private moment and when he started touching me in my most intimate parts that was just so heaven he said "Oh, we already had sex before" and I was like "really?" and his reply caught me by surprise "Yeah, I recognized your dick, here grab mine and hope you'll remember" and I did and so yeah, we indeed had sex before.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Bucket List

My bucket list for 2014 is almost complete however just like my bucket list last year I keep on deleting and adding some the entire year. But hopefully I would be able to accomplish if not all the majority of the things that I have on my list. 

One of the things that I am hoping that I would be able to accomplish this year is to go to Baler and learn how to surf. This has been in my bucket list last year but I wasn't able to accomplish it. So I am hoping that I would be able to go there either in March or June of this year and spend even just three days learning how to surf. 

Next on the list is to visit Sagada, I don't know why I didn't go there last 2010 when I was already in Baguio. I tried going there last year however when I was in Baguio it rained every afternoon and I was scared to travel up north because I saw on TV that the road going there is not safe even in fine weather. I spent almost three weeks in Baguio hoping that things will get better but it didn't. Hopefully this year I will be able to visit Sagada. 

Last year I was reading about Game Theory and this year I am planning to have a deeper understanding about it. I joined an online class about this, its a little bit difficult. 

I still have a lot of errors in my grammar, gawd. This quarter I should get a copy of The Elements of Style. Also to read more novels and books its just too bad that my Kindle stopped working. Half of the screen just freezes. I tried already all the possible solutions online and none of them worked. I'm still thinking of getting one but I think I'll go for an Ipad this time. Though the reading experience is not the same however most of my ebooks are in PDF formats. 

Good luck to all of us this 2014, the year of the "WHORES."

Oh! Hello there 2014!

I spent several days on the last month and the first day of this year looking for a pen. My colleagues at work can't even comprehend why I bother on such a small things and some of them even joke on giving their pens to me. I have been planning on buying a fountain pen for myself but I most of them are just way too big for my small hands. I've been eyeing on getting either a Cross Century Slim fountain pen or a Pilot Birdie or Pilot Cavalier. On the second I am just starting in fountain pens and I don't wanna spend five thousand pesos because I might not like using them after all.

Some people are selling a Pilot Birdie online and they cost less than one thousand pesos, I think it would be a great fountain pen for starters like me.  But for the mean time I am looking on having that perfect micro tip gel ink pens which I spent four hours yesterday looking for one. There are just this cute metal needlepoint pens but I really like but too bad they are not for sale here in the Philippines. I asked some of my friends in Japan to get me this Ohto needle-point Slime Line. I have a sample picture below:

Even if I would be able to get one if would be impossible to find  a refill or a good refill that would be compatible for this pen. I just don't know if they are really slim as I haven't hold a really one. I hope this is not one of those experience I had with Lamy ST and Lamy Logo, it was stated online that they were slim however they were actually not slim enough for my taste when I finally saw the real one. 

However I was still lucky yesterday as I was able to get hold of this slim pen, the Zebra Fortia 500 twist and I paid Php 275 for the item. Its not a cheap pen but its not one that belongs to the high end category of pens. I think its of the same size of those Cross Century ballpoints which I also plan to buy. I have the a sample picture of the product below: 

I think they are of the same size of the Ohto Slimline but I am not sure. So that what keeps me busy on the first day of 2014, looking for that special pen. The next thing on my list is to get a planner, I have a friend who promised to give me a starbucks planner but I don't know what happened to that. I've considered buying a Navi Life Navigator planner but I think its just expensive and I prefer of customizing my own so I settled for a Yeah notebook (unlined).