Monday, January 6, 2014


They said that fingerprints are like our personality, no two people can have the same. However in this world that we are living right now I'm pretty much sure that we have our own identities that are unique to us and I just experienced that in my life recently. It was supposed to be a sexy and steaming night but it ended a little bit funny nevertheless I still had fun.

So I was in this place and just let's just say "fishing." And so a fish came and made some small talks something that you'd probably seen in TV where people are trying to make the other person feel that you are far interesting than the other person in order for you to be interested in that person. And so I was interested in this person and we decided to have our private moments. While we were having this private moment and when he started touching me in my most intimate parts that was just so heaven he said "Oh, we already had sex before" and I was like "really?" and his reply caught me by surprise "Yeah, I recognized your dick, here grab mine and hope you'll remember" and I did and so yeah, we indeed had sex before.

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  1. Hi There!
    I really find this entry funny.

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    I somewhat think that maybe you could follow my new blog as well and create another network between us.

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