Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh! Hello there 2014!

I spent several days on the last month and the first day of this year looking for a pen. My colleagues at work can't even comprehend why I bother on such a small things and some of them even joke on giving their pens to me. I have been planning on buying a fountain pen for myself but I most of them are just way too big for my small hands. I've been eyeing on getting either a Cross Century Slim fountain pen or a Pilot Birdie or Pilot Cavalier. On the second I am just starting in fountain pens and I don't wanna spend five thousand pesos because I might not like using them after all.

Some people are selling a Pilot Birdie online and they cost less than one thousand pesos, I think it would be a great fountain pen for starters like me.  But for the mean time I am looking on having that perfect micro tip gel ink pens which I spent four hours yesterday looking for one. There are just this cute metal needlepoint pens but I really like but too bad they are not for sale here in the Philippines. I asked some of my friends in Japan to get me this Ohto needle-point Slime Line. I have a sample picture below:

Even if I would be able to get one if would be impossible to find  a refill or a good refill that would be compatible for this pen. I just don't know if they are really slim as I haven't hold a really one. I hope this is not one of those experience I had with Lamy ST and Lamy Logo, it was stated online that they were slim however they were actually not slim enough for my taste when I finally saw the real one. 

However I was still lucky yesterday as I was able to get hold of this slim pen, the Zebra Fortia 500 twist and I paid Php 275 for the item. Its not a cheap pen but its not one that belongs to the high end category of pens. I think its of the same size of those Cross Century ballpoints which I also plan to buy. I have the a sample picture of the product below: 

I think they are of the same size of the Ohto Slimline but I am not sure. So that what keeps me busy on the first day of 2014, looking for that special pen. The next thing on my list is to get a planner, I have a friend who promised to give me a starbucks planner but I don't know what happened to that. I've considered buying a Navi Life Navigator planner but I think its just expensive and I prefer of customizing my own so I settled for a Yeah notebook (unlined).

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