Friday, March 9, 2012

Study Center

I had been looking for an ideal place to study. The city where I came from is not as big as Metro Manila but they have these so called study centers. You can rent a desk and sometimes it even has a wi-fi the fee would range from 10 - 20 pesos. I had been looking for one here in Metro Manila but could not find one. Anybody knows where can I find such an establishment?  I would like to study in the convenience of my room but most of the time I ended up sleeping. 

Last night I went to a McDonalds store to complete by school requirements. They also have a good bandwidth for their wi-fi so I ended up downloading huge chunks of files from the web. The  thing that I don't like though is that the place of course is not convenient for studying.  Last night, they played this song which I then downloaded and had been listening to it several times.

I finished all my school requirements for this week. Tonight, I plan to celebrate it by going to Malate or Ortigas.