Sunday, September 18, 2011

will be talking soon

Finally, if I'm not gonna change my mind I will be graduating next year. The past few months had been very busy and challenging for me. I have to study for my lessons then report to work and my language class. Mysteriously I was able to get up the next day doing these things again. I'm having trouble with my language class and to add to that my language teacher is not using English when she is teaching us. She said that in order for us to learn the language we should not translate from English to this language since they are totally different. She added that just like when we were babies and we are about to learn our first language, in should be in that way of how we will acquire a second language. So here I am like a baby with books about the language and not understanding them. Gawd, I couldn't even say "meemaw" yet, I'm still a baby and all I did is laugh and cry, just like a baby indeed.

I am jealous with my classmates, they are so good and my teacher gets angry because she compared the fast learners to the slow learners. I want to kill those fast learners but on the second thought, I don't have to, somebody else will.

My grandmother has been asking me to visit them and I've been thinking of doing that, maybe next month since I definitely need a vacation.