Sunday, May 5, 2013

Number 28: Ang Ladlad

Philippine politics is one of the dirtiest yet the most profitable enterprise in the world. I wonder how these politicians could face their families. I hate to particitpate in politics specially the election however I think that maybe the reason why this country is in a bad shape and full of corrupt officials is because of people like me. Those who do not care and just complain. Those who refused to stand up for what is right and speak up.  I decided that I will vote for this coming election.

This coming election would be my first time to vote. Like any other voters I wish that the winners are those that are selected in my ballot. This seem to be impossible to happen. I already have some senators to vote but I still haven't completed my list. Some of my colleagues are planning to vote too but they are not planning to complete the list for 12 senators. I totally disagree to some that they do not complete voting for the 12 seat and feeling good about it, its just like giving a change to those corrupt officials. We may not have the perfect candidate but surely a lesser evil will do.

In line with this post I would like to ask you to please vote for the party list "Ang Ladlad."  I would like to make an argument on why I chose to support this party list but I guess the word "equality" would sum it all. My eyes are not blind on how the LGBTcommunity has suffered and this partylist was even rejected by the COMELEC yet allowed bogus partylists to join the 2010 election.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

will be there...

One of my goals for this year is to visit at least three places within the year. I already had the list and the dates and I already imagined myself being there and having an adventure of my life. However due to recent economic news about the country I have to make changes on my plans. But here is the original plan of the dates and the places that I plannned to visit this year:

1. Puerto Galera during the Holy Week. I have been dreaming of spending a night of endless drinking and on this place. They said that you can party here during the Holy Week and you don't to worry about what other people would say about you in the morning. You can be naughty and nobody will care, almost nobody. However when I was all prepared and excited for this trip the recent news about the Philippines being upgraded to investment grade by Fitch has changed my decision and I ended saving it for a stock that I am plannning to buy. My leave has already been approved and I can no longer retract it so I ended spending my Holy Week in Manila reading books.

2. Baler - I want to go surfing in Baler. Maybe develop it into a hobby. I don't know how to skate nor have any idea on how will I balance myself once I'm on the surfboard but I think its exciting. I'm planning to go there this June or July during rainy season as I was expecting that the waves would be high, it would be much fun, I guess.

3. Batad or Sagada - I saw pictures of bloggers who has been there and the place is just marvelous. I still can't decide of where should I go but I think I woudl probably choose Sagada. I am planning to go there this May as a graduation gift to myself. I didn't attend school's graduation ceremony as I'd rather use the money for my vacation. Hopefully its worth it, I don't like ceremonies either so missing it doesnt really matter at all.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello Bloglines

I seldom go out and meet people however I have this personal desire to be able to relate to any topic that might be discuss when I meet people. From the latest TV series to current events I wanted to make sure that I am still a part of this world. This week I am planning to watched the entire first two seasons of Game of Thrones. 

I've been trying to read almost all blogs that I subscribed to and I was thankful when web aggregators was created. One of them which I prefer using compared to others because its user friendly is google reader but for some reason they will be shutting it down. I've been trying to look for a web aggregator that is as user friendly as Google Reader. I've been searching online and most of the result shows bloglines next to Google Reader. I remember trying out bloglines before but for some reason why I was lost along the way on how to add blogs and news sites that I view regularly. 

Until today, I have decided to export the contents from Google Reader to bloglines. It was very painful that I just decided to manually add them. I don't know how this would work for others who are using Google Reader. One thing that I don't like about these aggregators and I don't know how to fix them is regarding the contents that it displays. For some reason it doesn't display the entire article, I have to good to the page source in order for me to view its entire contents. Does anybody knows how to fix this or is there a better web aggregator that could displaythe entire web content?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 (goals)

I reviewed my goals for 2012 and accomplished only about 50%  of it.

This year I've been planning to be more productive and stick to my goals. Most life coach would agree that you need to share your goals with someone and so I am sharing my goals for 2013.

1. Increase stock investments - I have been investing into stock market for quite sometime now and I enjoyed its ups and downs LOL. I am not really fond of expensive things but I consider buying stocks as shopping. Our country has a very low financial literacy and most of us wonder why most Filipinos are poor.

2. Join a charity group - I have three charity group in mind that I would like to help. I can't help financially at this time and I would like to help them in other ways. Here are my choices, please help me choose one:

  • a. Home for the Golden Gays - I don't know if they accept volunteers or they're just into cash donations. If someone knows how to be a volunteer please do send me an email. I am available mostly during Saturdays.

  • b. PAWS - I love pets! However there are some media reports in the past that made me think twice of joining them. I love their cause of caring for those abandoned and abused pets however they had been very vocal and active about some people who are eating dogs. I am honestly not against eating dogs though I don't think that I would eat dogs. It is just not clear to me why we allow some people to eat fish, cow, pigs and other animals yet why condemned people who ate dogs? If you are a purely vegetarian I would understand your sentiments about dog consumption however if you are a meat love who are you to judge which animals are to be consumed and which ones are not? I believe that other animals feel the same pain when they are slaughtered.

  • c. Cultural Center of the Philippines - There's a post on their website that they are accepting volunteers and I think I would get a nice exposure to the Filipino talents and learn more about our culture, chos!

3. Attend a Zen seminar. I don't want to be part of any religion. I tried having a relationship with God when I was still young and it didn't work out. When I watched the movie Avatar I then realized that the God that I've been looking for is just like Eywa. A God that doesn't take sides but only protects the balance of things. When I read the Bible, I've read about God and its chosen People, to me its racism. I've never been the favorite child when I was young and I don't want to be either, I just want me and my brother to be loved equally by my mother which I now understand is impossible. I hope by attending in one of its seminars would help me :"focus" on things that matters in my life.

4. Read more books. By the way who has a copy of Jamie Whyte's Crimes Against Logic? Even if its just an ebook please do send me a copy, Here's my email address:

.... to be continued