Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello Bloglines

I seldom go out and meet people however I have this personal desire to be able to relate to any topic that might be discuss when I meet people. From the latest TV series to current events I wanted to make sure that I am still a part of this world. This week I am planning to watched the entire first two seasons of Game of Thrones. 

I've been trying to read almost all blogs that I subscribed to and I was thankful when web aggregators was created. One of them which I prefer using compared to others because its user friendly is google reader but for some reason they will be shutting it down. I've been trying to look for a web aggregator that is as user friendly as Google Reader. I've been searching online and most of the result shows bloglines next to Google Reader. I remember trying out bloglines before but for some reason why I was lost along the way on how to add blogs and news sites that I view regularly. 

Until today, I have decided to export the contents from Google Reader to bloglines. It was very painful that I just decided to manually add them. I don't know how this would work for others who are using Google Reader. One thing that I don't like about these aggregators and I don't know how to fix them is regarding the contents that it displays. For some reason it doesn't display the entire article, I have to good to the page source in order for me to view its entire contents. Does anybody knows how to fix this or is there a better web aggregator that could displaythe entire web content?

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  1. haha my search on web aggregators landed me here lol.

    Once you've figured bloglines or any user friendly platforms/ whatever, please do teach me. lol.