Sunday, April 14, 2013

will be there...

One of my goals for this year is to visit at least three places within the year. I already had the list and the dates and I already imagined myself being there and having an adventure of my life. However due to recent economic news about the country I have to make changes on my plans. But here is the original plan of the dates and the places that I plannned to visit this year:

1. Puerto Galera during the Holy Week. I have been dreaming of spending a night of endless drinking and on this place. They said that you can party here during the Holy Week and you don't to worry about what other people would say about you in the morning. You can be naughty and nobody will care, almost nobody. However when I was all prepared and excited for this trip the recent news about the Philippines being upgraded to investment grade by Fitch has changed my decision and I ended saving it for a stock that I am plannning to buy. My leave has already been approved and I can no longer retract it so I ended spending my Holy Week in Manila reading books.

2. Baler - I want to go surfing in Baler. Maybe develop it into a hobby. I don't know how to skate nor have any idea on how will I balance myself once I'm on the surfboard but I think its exciting. I'm planning to go there this June or July during rainy season as I was expecting that the waves would be high, it would be much fun, I guess.

3. Batad or Sagada - I saw pictures of bloggers who has been there and the place is just marvelous. I still can't decide of where should I go but I think I woudl probably choose Sagada. I am planning to go there this May as a graduation gift to myself. I didn't attend school's graduation ceremony as I'd rather use the money for my vacation. Hopefully its worth it, I don't like ceremonies either so missing it doesnt really matter at all.

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  1. my vote is for sagada. batad is a beautiful place, but unless you're into hiking and palay-an and just hiking and palay, then sagada offers more variety. there is just as much hiking but there are also other things like the lumiang cave experience and there is more of an evening experience in sagada. (make sure to bring swim wear and comfortable walking shoes)