Friday, March 9, 2012

Study Center

I had been looking for an ideal place to study. The city where I came from is not as big as Metro Manila but they have these so called study centers. You can rent a desk and sometimes it even has a wi-fi the fee would range from 10 - 20 pesos. I had been looking for one here in Metro Manila but could not find one. Anybody knows where can I find such an establishment?  I would like to study in the convenience of my room but most of the time I ended up sleeping. 

Last night I went to a McDonalds store to complete by school requirements. They also have a good bandwidth for their wi-fi so I ended up downloading huge chunks of files from the web. The  thing that I don't like though is that the place of course is not convenient for studying.  Last night, they played this song which I then downloaded and had been listening to it several times.

I finished all my school requirements for this week. Tonight, I plan to celebrate it by going to Malate or Ortigas.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I went to a date last night. Despite of my busy schedule I find it hard to face this Valentines Day being single. So I thought that rushing out there in the open crowd and dating someone would help. Even if I am in no rush the guy I dated last night, in terms of physical appearance is quite a catch. So when he asked if I can go out with him somewhere since we were not able to know each other better on our first meeting I said yes.

I know that meeting him would bring whatever we have to the next level which is supposed to excite me but I had some doubts. Either I am already comfortable being single or I am used to it, I couldn't really tell. But as I am on my way to meet him my thoughts were on how many assignments I would have to rush to complete just to have a time for him. How I can no longer flirt and enjoy the dating scene because I am already taken. Or how I would miss going to the theater alone and miss the company of myself. But on the other hand I was thinking that it should be time for me to have a partner. Someone that I can share dreams and we can dream together and then conquer the world, well maybe not really into conquering the world but retiring together at the end of the day and share with that person how our day was.

When I met him, he was no longer the guy that I first met. He keeps on talking about the previous guy that he dated and how good looking they are. Well, I am not good looking but I am not that bad looking either. He called someone and turned the speaker on and I could hear their conversation. I then realized I should have just go with my friend and get drunk somewhere in Malate instead of being with him.

When I arrived home last night I was depressed. I already felt heartbroken before our love story has started or maybe because it was all my fault. I was thinking too much. That is just I told myself but I guess I have to changed my way of how I view the world. Think less and expect because it always ends up hurting myself.

As I woke up today the I could still feel the pain but on the other hand it would be better right than spending days with a guy who would just make me feel miserable for many days and maybe even years.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ugly Duckling

I have this old schoolmate who added me on facebook a long time ago. I didn't really get excited and all because he is not really my type. We exchange messages and he asked for my number and out of courtesy I also asked for his but I never bother saving it in my phone. He never sent a single text and that was fine with me. Whenever I go online he was the one who always initiates to message me and my replies were very short, showing that I am not interested in having a conversation with him. 

Today, I was asked by my teacher to write a synthesis which is really a new word for me. I wish she had used a word that I can comprehend. I promised to myself that I only get online once a week and I have to break that promise today because I have to searched and asked my good friend google on what is synthesis and how do I create one. I was bombarded with information that made me even more confused. So I open my facebook and was browsing on pictures. and Lo! There he was, all good looking and with a body that made me drool. If he didn't post a picture of him shirtless I wouldn't have notice how good looking he is. And so I sent him a message since he is online, which is by the way most of the time that is why I wonder if he has a life. And he become snobbish already and it feels like we are in a reverse mode now.  *sigh*

Is this karma?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

being social

I only have a few friends in facebook and even in this little circle friends that I have I still feel envious to them. A friend in facebook posted about his latest gadgets and I was left wondering why I didn't have that. Now I was thinking how come I have the time to feel jealous about my friends and I don't have the time to study? Gawd.

I have lots of plans for this year. Hopefully I would be able to graduate this year then take another short courses. I am planning to take another short course while finishing my degree to save time but I don't think I would still be productive. Looking at my schedule, I have to go to work five days a week then there's school and I am already studying another language. Only a few months to go then I would take a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I've been here in Manila for almost two years already and I haven't been to Galera. They said its a gay haven or could be the gay mecca of the Philippines. Every gay should visit the place like having a pilgrimage. I am thinking of going there this year. Hopefully my financial situation would improve.