Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ugly Duckling

I have this old schoolmate who added me on facebook a long time ago. I didn't really get excited and all because he is not really my type. We exchange messages and he asked for my number and out of courtesy I also asked for his but I never bother saving it in my phone. He never sent a single text and that was fine with me. Whenever I go online he was the one who always initiates to message me and my replies were very short, showing that I am not interested in having a conversation with him. 

Today, I was asked by my teacher to write a synthesis which is really a new word for me. I wish she had used a word that I can comprehend. I promised to myself that I only get online once a week and I have to break that promise today because I have to searched and asked my good friend google on what is synthesis and how do I create one. I was bombarded with information that made me even more confused. So I open my facebook and was browsing on pictures. and Lo! There he was, all good looking and with a body that made me drool. If he didn't post a picture of him shirtless I wouldn't have notice how good looking he is. And so I sent him a message since he is online, which is by the way most of the time that is why I wonder if he has a life. And he become snobbish already and it feels like we are in a reverse mode now.  *sigh*

Is this karma?

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