Saturday, January 14, 2012

being social

I only have a few friends in facebook and even in this little circle friends that I have I still feel envious to them. A friend in facebook posted about his latest gadgets and I was left wondering why I didn't have that. Now I was thinking how come I have the time to feel jealous about my friends and I don't have the time to study? Gawd.

I have lots of plans for this year. Hopefully I would be able to graduate this year then take another short courses. I am planning to take another short course while finishing my degree to save time but I don't think I would still be productive. Looking at my schedule, I have to go to work five days a week then there's school and I am already studying another language. Only a few months to go then I would take a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I've been here in Manila for almost two years already and I haven't been to Galera. They said its a gay haven or could be the gay mecca of the Philippines. Every gay should visit the place like having a pilgrimage. I am thinking of going there this year. Hopefully my financial situation would improve.