Sunday, March 28, 2010

At Ease: Navy Men of World War II

I got a chance to take a quick preview about this book. It was five years ago. I wanted to grab a copy but I don't have my card with me at that time and I don't have that much cash in my wallet. I tried to go back to the store and check if they still have a copy of this book, unfortunately they don't. I'm so desperate to have a copy of this book. Anyone has a pdf file for this? Please let me know.


I am feeling it

A year ago I made a commitment that I will not stop working in order to improve myself. I made a list of things that I need to accomplish, I still haven't accomplish all of them yet. But I am making a progress daily, littl e by little. One thing in my list is that I should learn to love listening to classical music which I thought impossible.I remembered the list while I was sitting in McDonalds where I enjoy free wi-fi almost every weekend which happens to be the only time in my week where I can go online. I was downloading some files and I realized how I loved Vivaldi's works.

My teacher used to let us listen to this song. I can hear her voice asking us if we feel the coldness of the air? The birds singing on the trees? The ice melting? We didn't, I didn't. That is what I felt almost 11 or so years ago. But right now, listening to Vivaldi, I can completely feel my surroundings change while listening to "Four Season."

To my teacher, thank you for sharing this wonderful work of art. Yes, I feel it. I can feel the coldness of the air, I can feel the heat of the summer, I can see the leaves falling during autumn and I hear the ice melting in spring.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I need to do this

I want to try cliff diving this summer. Maybe around third week of April. I haven't tried it in high places and I think its very fun to try. Thinking about it gets me soo excited. I desperately need to try doing this before I die. My only problem is do these places exist here in the Philippines and if they do where?

My week is all about work but I'm loving it. I have to wake up at 4 am and go to bed at 10 pm. I received a text message from a friend yesterday asking me to accompany her go shopping. Honestly I don't really like going out with women while they go from one store to another. Why don't they just decide what things to buy before they go to the store? Anyway I told her that I can't go with her because I still have other stuff to do and I haven't heard from her after. Gawd, women.

I've finally had my own Libera album. I so love Libera these days. I'm still listening to Maksim and Vanessa Mae.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've heard from a colleague that they are going to Puerto Galera this coming Holy week. I have no plans of going to the beach this Holy week. I'm planning to spend the entire week reading thick manuals and books.

I'm planning to go to Mall of Asia tonight and watch the fireworks. I'm going to be serious in my professional career this year. No boys, no alcohol, what a wonderful life. When I'm alone I am 100 percent that I can accomplish this at the end of they year however things changed every time I see a cute guy in front of me.

I have a new room mate. Its nice to live with boys. Life with them is a lot better compared to living with women. Less talk. loud music and heavy snoring. Which is just fine with me compared to gossips and cat fights brought by women.

I haven't seen the vaginal douche for four days. I guess whoever owns it has used it up. I still don't know what's the use of that thing and I haven't seen anyone who might be using it.

I can only go online once a week. I have to study a lot of things and read thick books. Books and study things that I never thought have existed. I have two choices of how to enjoy my break from school this summer, one is enrolling in a hip hop dance class or going to a language school. I still can't decide of which one is better. Going to a language school is a expensive I guess but it would help me a lot but I also want to learn how to dance. Not just some shrimp like movement every time I'm on the dance floor.