Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've heard from a colleague that they are going to Puerto Galera this coming Holy week. I have no plans of going to the beach this Holy week. I'm planning to spend the entire week reading thick manuals and books.

I'm planning to go to Mall of Asia tonight and watch the fireworks. I'm going to be serious in my professional career this year. No boys, no alcohol, what a wonderful life. When I'm alone I am 100 percent that I can accomplish this at the end of they year however things changed every time I see a cute guy in front of me.

I have a new room mate. Its nice to live with boys. Life with them is a lot better compared to living with women. Less talk. loud music and heavy snoring. Which is just fine with me compared to gossips and cat fights brought by women.

I haven't seen the vaginal douche for four days. I guess whoever owns it has used it up. I still don't know what's the use of that thing and I haven't seen anyone who might be using it.

I can only go online once a week. I have to study a lot of things and read thick books. Books and study things that I never thought have existed. I have two choices of how to enjoy my break from school this summer, one is enrolling in a hip hop dance class or going to a language school. I still can't decide of which one is better. Going to a language school is a expensive I guess but it would help me a lot but I also want to learn how to dance. Not just some shrimp like movement every time I'm on the dance floor.


  1. Hands down on living with boys. They do understand you better than women.

    Good luck on your studies. =)