Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am feeling it

A year ago I made a commitment that I will not stop working in order to improve myself. I made a list of things that I need to accomplish, I still haven't accomplish all of them yet. But I am making a progress daily, littl e by little. One thing in my list is that I should learn to love listening to classical music which I thought impossible.I remembered the list while I was sitting in McDonalds where I enjoy free wi-fi almost every weekend which happens to be the only time in my week where I can go online. I was downloading some files and I realized how I loved Vivaldi's works.

My teacher used to let us listen to this song. I can hear her voice asking us if we feel the coldness of the air? The birds singing on the trees? The ice melting? We didn't, I didn't. That is what I felt almost 11 or so years ago. But right now, listening to Vivaldi, I can completely feel my surroundings change while listening to "Four Season."

To my teacher, thank you for sharing this wonderful work of art. Yes, I feel it. I can feel the coldness of the air, I can feel the heat of the summer, I can see the leaves falling during autumn and I hear the ice melting in spring.

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