Monday, May 24, 2010

On self-improvement.

I am currently looking for a gym that is near in any MRT or LRT station. One that has a hot shower. I have no plans of becoming a member. I just want to visit there whenever I want. So there should be no restrictions on their facilities whether you are a member or not. Is there one that exists? And the rates please.

I want to tone my muscles or maybe have some. My colleagues are telling me that I am too thin. I look like a walking stick they said. I faced myself in the mirror and I look fine. Anyway, I had problems with my eyes so I guess they are right.


  1. i've been trying to gain weight for the longest time.... ang hirap... suggestion din ng friends na mag-gym daw ako... sigh

  2. heeeey! :D

    tetano gym there is. lol
    pakataba! :D

  3. pag nakahanap ka, sabayan mo ng protein shake! effective un i promise!