Saturday, July 3, 2010

I have nothing to do for tonight. I don't want to read anything. I just surf the net. I was browsing to some profiles in Planet Romeo. I am just wondering though if am I just to shallow in terms of what beauty is or do not have the full grasp of what it means or am I looking for a different thing?

There are a lot of people saying that they are straight-acting, good looking and some qualities of a person that every gay is wishing for to have but when I look at their profiles it doesn't show that they have it. I am not good-looking nor do I have the qualities of a god but I know that they don't have it too.

Is this what we call false advertisement or what? Or am I just too judgmental and was never really looking that hard enough? Some of them are even more fabulous looking compared to Lady Gaga in full make-up. Or I guess I just don't know what straight acting means these days and also the word good looking has a now a different meaning. I must be very old already. Time has changed so fast. Words have different meanings now.


  1. maybe iba ang standards ng nagsabi sayo re str8 acting, or maybe iba na nga nowadays, maybe you were looking at the wrong places, sometimes it's better to lower your expectations para ma surprise ka na better ang darating kesa magexpect ka and end up being disappointed

  2. on a practical level, i agree with curiouscat. on the other hand, where did your expectations come from? and what purpose do they serve? those are questions I would ask myself.

  3. don't worry, grammath. we all feel the same way. ang warped na ng dating world ngayon, esp if u look at a place like PR.

    take everything with a grain of salt. otherwise, you may end up like one of 'em.

  4. Social netwroking sites are still social networking sites, I guess.