Monday, July 12, 2010

glutaphos like peanuts

I went to a language school today and inquired about their classes for Spanish. The victory if Spain in the world cup has added some excitement in me to learn Spanish. I just don't know if it is still useful to learn Spanish nowadays.

First, I would prefer French or Mandarin. French because it is spoken by most people in the elite class if you are in North America and also its one of the major languages used in europe. I would love to learn Mandarin too because looking at how the trend is going a few years from now China would be the next big thing in Asia. I have to be there and take advantage of it. But I think Spanish would be easier to learn. I have listed four languages that I want to know how to speak and write them fluently. I want to learn German, French, Mandarin and Spanish. The thing is I'm scared of what's going to happen to my brain.

Honestly everytime I read a new book or learn something new I am scared that I am overloading my brain. I have this kind of thought that I imagine my brain as a computer and its storage capacity is limited. I still want to live in the next four years that means I still have a lot of things to remember and work on. Shall I eat glutaphos like peanuts?


  1. French has significantly declined as a language of study in North America and is primarily limited to Canadians and sections of the U.S. East Coast. However, Spanish has continued since World War II to increase in study amount Canadian and U.S. students. It continues to increase as a language spoken by people in the U.S. while French has a negligible following. I would pick Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi or Arabic if you intend to be a world traveler and skip French unless you plan to travel exclusively in Francophone Africa.

  2. i reckon China has always been the BIG THING. metaphorically and literally. but yea, i think i'll study french once i hit university.

  3. I am planning to take up Spanish as well. It's a useful language to learn. :)

  4. Italian! I want to go to Italy and see the men...