Monday, August 2, 2010

the need to upgrade

I definitely need a new battery for my laptop. Last week I've checked its condition and it was "fair" and I checked it today it changed to "poor." The thing is, it costs an arm and a leg. I've checked in Mac Center and it costs Php 7500. I've been considering of having the battery repacked, I just don't know if its safe to be done to a macbook pro. I'm scared that my laptop will explode or something. My battery barely lasts an hour. When I turn it on its battery indicator would show that I only have an hour and a few minutes left before it will die. I'm thinking of buying one over the internet but I don't know how to determine if its original or just imitated. It's a little bit affordable if I would buy one online in some multiply accounts and some websites.

The new macbook pro's could last about 10 hours according to their website but I tested one and its just 7 hours actually, the standby mode might reach 10 hours but I'd rather turn off my laptop if I have no plans of using it for a longer time rather than putting in a standby mode. The new battery, according to the salesperson I have spoken with said that a new battery would last about 7 hours, so based on my calculations that would mean 5 hours according to my usage.

I tried to rent in some internet cafe's that has laptop area's so that I can connect my laptop to a power source and be connected to the internet at the same time. But aside from they are expensive they don't allow downloads which is the reason why I have to get to the internet. Are there some internet shops around that doesn't cost an arm an a leg to rent, allow downloads and has wide tables for their laptop areas? I couldn't find one where I live.


  1. It's best if you don't plug in your adapter until the battery is empty. This helps preserve battery life. ;)

  2. Buying a new battery would not only save you from incurring much larger costs (when you sum up all your spending while you're without one) but it'll also spare you from all the hassle such as that which you have been doing. :)