Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy days ahead and to come

I have been very busy this past weeks and in the days to come. I'm learning a new language, finally. I couldn't feel my rest days anymore but I'm loving it. It's like being back during those days when I was a working student. Tired at the end of the day but you're happy about it. I've felt a sense of pride in myself. I only have a until the end of this school year to learn this new language and after that when the school year starts I'm back to academia.

I finally subscribed to Bayantel Wireless. It's supposed to be 512 kpbs which is what I get and it even exceeded the speed but I get disconnected several times which frustrates me. I think I'm going to cancel my subscription. I'm considering of getting Globe WiMax. Hopefully my experience is different from the current one that I'm using. I dunno if they have that fair usage policy for this one. I am a prepaid subscriber and I was blocked for subscribing to their Supersurf promo because I downloaded too much.