Thursday, April 16, 2009

Women Empowerment

One of the many things I am thankful of being gay is not having spent more than half of my life understanding women. I mean who dares to understand these women except those straight guys which I am having a hard time understanding too. I used to adore woman, I used to have a crush on women and I used to fantasize about them, I still do some of these today but not that much except for Britney Spears and Paris Hilton which I adore a lot. Some people just like me can't help it but loves a bitch at least once in his/her life.

There are a lot of things women have done and some of them even changed the course of history. Some of them showed love more than what the whole world has given. Others showed inventions that men couldn't think that it can be possible. Womens are great. No doubt. Loving, absolutely.

I just find it hard to understand women. Sometimes they tell you not to do this and they are doing it anyway. I am just really so sick of some women in the street shouting about equality and all. Why is it then that they wanted equality and if it was given to them, they complain about. For example if they treat you like a man for example if you're riding in a bus and you don't give them your seat they rolled their eyes and others complain about it that they were not respected. What is it then that they wanted anyway? Equality or to treat them like queens? In a grocery line they wanted to get ahead of you and tells you that they are women and they can't stand in long lines and that they got tired easily. Its just so hard to understand them. Does women demands to be treated equally like men or do they want to be treated superior than men?

Can you truly understand a woman? I can't.


  1. i understand them. they're like the back of my hands. With all this things you said-they can be quite predictable too. Masmasaya pa makasama mga lesbiana kaysa mga babae talaga.

    ewan ko ba. masyado silang...machuchu haha

    Equality my face! WE need equality tooo no!

  2. I so agree. I'm thinking that they should be asking for equity not equality.

  3. there are some serious problems with gender relations that can't be reduced to a rude and pushy woman at the market. rightfully, we will never fully understand women since we do not give birth or menstruate. that being said, the law ought not to play favorites based on something arbitrary like gender. the old English maxim is "equity is equality."

  4. it's double edged.. they expect equality AND special treatment at the same time... haay

  5. i guess that's their privilege. a woman is too complicated to understand.

    for a me, a woman is like the weather, one moment sunny then before you know it, it rains like hell, haha.