Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beauty of Death

The first time a saw someone died in front of me was almost a year ago, it was a motorcycle accident which by the time that I report to work I catch a fever. It was very traumatic and I felt numbness in my body, that feeling that you don't want to see the incident but you can't move. When my aunt in my father side called me before informing me that my grandmother died I felt nothing and the call lasted less than a minute. When I was informed that my grandfather in my mother's side died I didn't shed a tear. I felt bad about it because no matter what I think of those moments that I was with them I couldn't remember an incident where I was happy or that I felt that they loved me. My grandfather said that when he dies nobody would cry or be sad, I didn't. I hope my grandfather was happy about it since I didn't cry nor I wasn't sad too.

The economic situation has hit the company where I work. It surely hit us and it hit us hard. But I don't want to resign. It's like if I am with the Titanic and its already sinking what I would do is just to secure a lifevest then I woudn't jump out of the boat, I would stay. I would stay and watch as people struggle to survive. I just as how people would face death. It is the same with the where I work. I don't want to resign because I just want to be there. I want to feel and see how people would react when they are getting less pay than usual. I want to be there when they tell you about their problems and how they manage to meet their daily needs with the pay that they are getting. I want to be there when the company slowly dies and is consumed by death. I want to be there as employees are getting less everyday. I want to see it, it's like seeing death in movies, only real.

I have seen a lot of dead people already, some of them died of sickness others are from accidents. But after the accident they look so peaceful and are free from pain. I hope I can be like them too. Free from pain. Everybody struggles to survive and only a few appreciates the beauty of death. Only a few recognizes of what death can offer, freedom from pain.


  1. Death is just the beginning of something new. The dead body itself may be free of pain, but what of consciousness that survives death?

  2. dying is necesssary for us to be reborn. ;-)

  3. we have the same thing in mind. some people dont look at it at that way kasi eh.

    -its to have that peace after al the struggle and hardships you've been through.I guess its one those reasons on why we all MUST die somehow.

  4. "freedom from pain."

    -that was my exact self-reason to accept my mum's death. haha.

    thanks for the follow, fella bloggah!
    pero pasensya, bubito ako sa grammar. hindi kita matutulungan. kudos. apir!

  5. isang gabi, naalimpungatan ako.

    sa pagdilat ng aking mata, sa nakapatay na ilaw ako napatingin.

    gumagalaw siya... animo'y hinihipan ng hangin.

    in few seconds, bumilis ang galaw... late na when i realized lumilindol na... ang iba kong kasama sa bahay, naririnig kong nagsibangon at binuksan ang ilaw.

    ako, nanatili sa pagkakahiga at napako ang tingin sa ilaw.

    nagalit sila sa akin... ba't di raw ako agad kumilos. wala akong naisagot.

    iyon ang patunay na daydreamer ako, maraming bagay ang pumapasok sa utak ko... para silang sakit na stroke, anytime aatake sila sa akin maski sa gitna ng daan...

    patunay din iyon na handa na akong mamatay anytime... hindi na ako magsasalita, hindi na aapela... basta ba, alam ni God na nasa mabuting kondisyon na ang aming pamilya bago ko sila maiiwan

  6. this latest post is a little morbid.. grabe totoo na fragile ang life. scary lang isipin.

  7. death is there for us to appreciate life.

    this post is dark and it made me think a lot.

  8. death is always certain.. whether we like it or not...

  9. hmmm actually death is ugly, since life is given to be beautiful. since death is ugly, it interests us more. unlike beauty we are so acquainted with beauty, our civilization revolves in beauty.

    however, since death is ugly and there is nothing we can do about it, society created a mirage--the magic that lies in the hand modern medicine.

    thanks to beauty.