Sunday, April 19, 2009

piece of bread

I woke up at twelve noon today which I consider unusual since my regular day starts at five in the afternoon. After that experience when I come to appreciate of how nice it is to walk in daylight I seem to look forward for that experience again. I went out for a little walk and look for a place to eat. On my way home I have noticed this two ladies asking for alms, they are about in their early 60's. I didn't really like giving them and I have to many things to worry about myself that I am not able to afford to look into their troubles, I have so much for myself already.
Once when I was with a friend inside a cab there was this beggars that keep on knocking on the window. I told her that I felt pity on them but I don't usually give them any. I said that if society keeps on giving them then they won't stop asking for alms. I am thinking that if nobody would provide their needs then they will work to meet their ends everyday. If we keep pity on them for their situation giving their needs would make it worst. Some of these people doesn't even have good manners and some if you are in deep trouble wouldn't even mind helping you.
But when I met these two old ladies today, I felt that my judgments were clouded with my emotions. I went to the nearest food store and bought something for them. I hope that my action didn't tolerate their actions. I hope that I have done the right thing to them. While others are sitting in an air conditioned place eating their lunch they are out there in the middle of a very hot day asking for alms and they haven't eaten yet. I hope that my action would not lead to another mistake.


  1. tama lang ang ginawa mong pagtulong sa kanila, at least kahit papaano ay naibahagi mo sa kanila ang kung anong meron ka sa ngayon.

    nakaka-relate tuloy ako sa kwento mong ito.

  2. give food instead of money

    its wiser!

  3. i do these kind of things too. i buy them food instead of money. and THAT feeling you get from it is just absolutely priceless.

    i dont even expect something good in return if i do something good or bad. in this world of pressure, tension, and pain-I am well known by men and women of all origin and faith
    for my wisdom, compassion, and relentless
    determination in the quest to get paid

  4. Better err on the generosity than be found to be wanting in the end :)

  5. i have struggled with this too. however, i found for myself that food instead of money qualifies my generosity with a significant judgment that, in some ways, robs the other of their humanity and doesn't seem very generous. there is a domination quality to it -- that we would be able to better spend the alms for their needs than they would themselves.

  6. of course, unless they are specifically begging for food, then that's a different story.