Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Cow!

Last Thursday about less than an hour after I have posted my previous entry a friend send me a message if I would like to join them for the Holy Week. Her family is heading to the beach. Since my vacation leave was approved at the last minute when ticket prices for Boracay skyrocketed so I just decided to stay at home instead since when I asked them if I can still cancel my vacation leave they said that it can't be done because I have to cancel it five days prior to its date. This company is really amazing, how can I cancel a leave five days before its date if they are approving leaves on the last minute? Amazing.

I decided to join with my friend. It's a very long trip, we travel for about three hours and the road is so bumpy, I just wonder what happen to the taxes that I paid last year? Where did it go?

The place is packed with people, mostly are guys and gays and a few skinny girls. I just wonder where are these cutie guys live during regular days and why is it that I only see them during Holy Week?

I slept most of the time. But on my last night, it was Friday, I decided to go out and have some fun. I did have some fun but not that much. Have you tried that feeling that you are dreaming of something to come true and when it does the feeling hollow? You feel like you are disappointed why the thing has happened? I wished I just stayed at home.

Have you tried having sex in the beach? It's nice though, I remeber my the food that my tita prepares, the taste is almost the same, taste like Umami.


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  2. The feeling of hollow satisfaction of a dream sounds like the fate of the Flying Dutchman. Of course, getting what you asked for at the last minute and then not being able to cancel it really sounds more like karma. trapped in our own fantasies!

    The biggest drawback to sex on the beach is getting sand everywhere. It look really hot or romantic on film or television but bring a mat!

  3. true. sex in the beach is quite awkward-without a mat or any covering that is-the sands just pierces through your skin like acupuncture

    Why do i know this? theory lang hahahaha :P
    Tara. lets make patay of all the jerks in your company. nagpopower-trip lang yung mga gagong yan eh

  4. haha i have to say i agree with line of flight.. bring a mat next time.

    i'm glad you finally got your beach time. god knows we all need it.