Thursday, April 23, 2009

immortality of a name

Do you have this dream that you want your name to be remembered throughout generations to come? That even if you are already dead people will still talk about you and would wonder of what will the world be if you are still alive? Do you want your name to be immortal just like the great men and women in history? I sometimes dream about it. I sometimes wish that my name will be remembered until the world would come to an end. In that case, what would someone has to do to make his name immortal? I once seated beside this cute guy when I still used to go to church and on his shirt where this words printed out "well behave people seldom make history" which is true, I thought.

Let us think of Alexander the Great, he has conquered the world known at his time. But he has been a cruel person too, I don't think he would be remembered that much if he live his days just as how a leader at that time would normally behave. Among the Cleopatra's of Egypt we remembered the one of has done things beyond what the norms of the society dictates just to keep her kingdom. As we read the history of the world the names that appears are not of those who live their lives according to the norms of the society but to those who live their life according to their own.

But why is it then even if most of us desperately wanting attention, desperately wanted to be recognized that only a few dares to live life of our own? We live life like we are in prison. Prisoners that do not have the freedom to choose the life we want to live. Why is it that we let our parents decide for us? Why is it that we are so much about what the church would say about us? Why is it that we care so of what our friends would tell about us? Why can't we just live a life according to our own? Why are we so scared to live our own live and run free and be wild? Is it because we crave to be appreciated? That if we live life according to our own we are scared that our friend would leave us and our actions are no longer appreciated?

Let us take for example our very own Boyet Fajardo, grrr. The action that he has shown has caught our attention which we did not appreciate his action but yet I believe that his name will have a better chance to be remembered than ours long after we are gone. Only a few thought and remembers Mother Theresa, or the guy who invented the first PC, or the guy who created Facebook, or the guy who discovers vaccination but a lot knew Hitler, Madonna, Capone, Napoleon, Bin Laden and even Imelda Marcos. Oh how much we dream that the world is a better place. How much we dream that the world is a peaceful place to live yet we remembers not the people who ended the World War only a few even knows how the world war was ended. Most of us remembered what Hitler has done to the world yet only a few of us knew the hope that Anne Frank has shown.

Do you just want to live your like just like others that names are soon forgotten days after they died? Or do you want to live a life full of shame, hatred, envy and very evil to the eyes of other people yet have a greater chance than your name will have immortality?


  1. do you want your name to be remembered by strangers or by those who know you well?

    will quantity prevail over quality?

  2. very well said Geek. It's the thing with death.

    I had times like that too. I want to be remembered like everyone goddamn person who did-whether it was for the good or not.

    but then again, we all have the chance to be remembered. It just depends on how you use your life.

    You can make the change. Be the change :)
    We'll just wait and see who among us will be remembered :P

    and yes. Q over Q.

  3. (not that you asked me or anything hehe pero) siguro i'd rather that the people i love remember me fondly kesa maalala ako ng maraming tao. i think that's what makes it count eh. wala lang.

  4. "When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists. *** The Master doesn't talk, he acts. When his work is done, the people say, "Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!" (Chapter 17, Tao Te Ching)

  5. ni sa hinagap, di ko naisip ang ganitong bagay...

    all i know, pag namatay ako, lalamunin na ako ng dilim