Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have read about flooding from a magazine. This is what you do when you feel sad and depress that as a therapy you are going to do things that could make you more sad until the feeling numb. While I was working today I was thinking of doing it, maybe I would prick myself with needles or cut it with knife. I was greeted today at work that my vacation leave was approve, wow! Groundbreaking. This people are really the most incompetent people in the whole wide world. I have colleagues who reported at work and after thirty minutes of working was informed that their leave has been approved, very nice people. Since my vacation leave was approved which means that I don't have to work for four days and what will I do with that four days? Absolutely nothing. I can't go to Boracay since the price of the ticket is like buying the plane itself. Who would enjoy a trip there and you have spent almost half of your monthly pay just for a plane ticket?

I was thinking of doing that flooding thing which I read from a magazine. I should start with killing them all using a bread knife but that would make me happy so it is definitely not the option. And while I have to think of my friends having fun in there that would just make me feel jealous. I just don't know what to do right now. So this is how it feels like that you want to do something and you can't do it. Very frustrating.

My workmate said that Pup told him to ask me if I would like to go with him next weekend. Nothing special though, just the two of us in the beach. I am thinking that he told Pup that I was upset because I was not able to go to Boracay. Honestly, I am scared of going with Pup, I mean not with him personally but of the thought of having a relationship with him. I don't know if I would be a good partner and a lover to him. I just don't know.

Everybody seems to be going on vacation, from my workmates to fellow blogger's. Where are yah heading? Please think of me and bring something when you come back.


  1. hehe. nu byan. bakit kasi hindi pa kausapin si Pup. do you like him ba? if the feeling is mutual ano pa ang nagpre-prevent na maging kayo. regarding about the bloggers eb. mukhang malabo considering na gahol na sa oras.

  2. I thought you were going to be doing "religious activities" for the next four day.

  3. i'm not going to any vacation at all. dito lang ako sa bahay. nakahiga at may hawak hawak na yosi habang npinapalipas ang lecheng summer na to! lol

    why is everyone all leaving me for bora and galera!!!!! *SOB*

    hmmm. the bread knife idea is quite good. I should try that some time.
    ayeeeeee. PUP is back! I'm so happy for you talaga! Best of luck with both of you, sweetie!
    and have fun with the vacation!

    much love and kisses.

  4. Go lang Math! No pressures, just enjoy the moment ;)

  5. :c i wanna go to the beach too pero na turn down leave ko. :c bad trip.

  6. imho, you should enjoy the beach with pup. open up. remember, yes is the new no. :D