Saturday, April 4, 2009

waiting in vain

What do you usually do to avoid being late? I just really hate it when I am late or when somebody is late. I am very particular about being on time. There was this one time when I am supposed to meet a guy and he was arrived thirty minutes late. I don't know but I could really feel my blood pressure rising. I think everybody hates to wait, like in traffic, in grocery stores, I mean everything that has something to do with waiting is something that I really hate.

I was just curious though of what is "waiting in vain" means to others. I often hear this phrase on TV with some girl waiting desperately for his boyfriend, or some group of people waiting for someone. When I think of the phrase of "waiting in vain" something came up in my mind, I consider it a little bit different and a little bit odd. It's just that sometimes when you are really angry and someone for being late that you need to think of something else, something funny that can keep you cool. When I was waiting for someone, I think of this phrase "waiting in vain" and with a slight of gay imagination. I was thinking that when someone said they have been waiting in vain is someone wearing a gown, a white one just like what Taylor Swift wear in her video for "Love Story" and finger nails like of Lady Gaga in her "Poker Face" and a hair dyed like Pink. UGH! I think that looks so nice and desperate. What would happen if when we say we are waiting in vain looks like that?


I met Pup the other day, I got a message from my work mate that they are at my neighbor, Ronald McDonald, I am sure I am gonna miss this very nice neighbor of mine. Anyway Pup is very silent, I was thinking that I turned him off, after we met I received a message from him stating that he was sorry if he was just silent most of the time because he was just observing me. Pup looks like your guy next door. Not that cute but there is something in him, very warm, very friendly. Just the same as your guy next door, not so cute but very friendly and you have that feeling that you are safe when he is around. My work mate said that Pup likes me. I don't know how to react about this. He asked me if I am in a relationship, it was just a question from him but it gives me an erection just thinking about the proposal. I don/t think this is normal.


  1. hihihi. so adorable. PUP hihihi

    this reminds me of the song MYMP made.
    i'm so happy for you and pup :)

  2. Math: Oks lang na tigasan at the thought. Normal lang yun.

    Grabe, b.i. na ito!


  3. :-) Hope your story with Pup turns out good, Gram.

  4. in my mind (although I know I'm most certainly wrong at least partly), when people are late, they either have an overly complex relationship to the theoretical implications of the space-time continuum (and therefore cannot accurately calculate the practical time-distance for any given destination), OR there are emotional complications that override the innate intuitive ability to keep proper time.

  5. baka yan na ang start of a new beginning.... lol.

  6. @Eternal Wondeh- zomg. and bad neto! lol