Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm sorry Tina

I woke up so early in the morning, I felt like crying and I remember that movie where in the listen to their favorite artist whenever they are depressed. I scanned various artist listing names starting from A to Z. And so I settled for Tina's What's love got to do with it, after a couple of minutes I asked myself of what is so special with this song or with Tina and why is it that gays love her, well not all though but most gays. I tried to absord the lyrics of the song and I am not just pretty sure if it is just me or others have heard almost the same words that I've heard about the lyrics of this song. I haven't google the lyrics yet and decided to type the lyrics of the song as I've heard it.

You must understandabout the touch of your hand makes my balls react
and its only the thrill of boy meeting girl opposites attract
its physical only logical you must try to ignore that it means more than that
oooh what's love got to, got to do with it
what's love but a second hand emotion
what's love got to, got to wo with it
who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

I continued listening to the song but i googled the lyrics. I found out that Tina didn't said "balls" but "pulse" but why is it that it seems that I've heard it, she said balls? Hmmm. I just wonder if gays back then who voted for this song also have heard the same words when they listened to the song and song they liked it so much because Tina also got balls that reacts wtih the touch of a guys hand. Since google was not yet born at that time it took time for them to find out that Tina said pulse and not balls.

It's really easy to get confuse with the sound of "b" and "p" and also with "t" sometimes. I remember this conversation of a customer and a call center agent.

customer: is that a t?
agent: no sir, it's p as in paul
customer: b as in ball?
agent: no, its p as in peter
custmer: oh, b as in beer



  1. balls din dinig ko. at chi-neck talaga sa youtube!

    i thought your post will focus on tina's song. yun pala t or p, p or b?

  2. um..i swear to god she said balls!
    there'this secret message only the green-blooded could hear kasi.that's why WE love it haha

  3. hahaha tawa ako ng tawa.. i checked it out on youtube myself.. pwede nga! haha

  4. makes ur balls react natawa ako dun