Tuesday, April 14, 2009

an early bird

I woke up early today. I received a message from someone I met on the net that she will buy my phone. It's a china dual sim, God bless China and their products. I was full of regrets of why did I purchase the phone. I need a dual sim phone and since other products are expensive I tried to settle to a china phone and the bad thing is the battery drains so fast.

It has been a long time since I haven't seen the sun. Although I am going to school after or before work it is usually dark already when I get out. I don't know how long has it been that I haven't get out for a walk during daylight. I seem to love the dark and cold room where I live and I love the dark that I almost forgotten the joy of walking in the sunshine. While I was walking I feel my body energize. There is something on the faces of the people that you meet that you hardly see in people walking at night. Their faces are so warm and their bodies move gracefully and full of energy. Unlike if you walk at night that most of the people you meet are exhausted or sleepy and some even smell like a rose petal dip in some foul smelling fluid, eeww. But the people I met today is full of energy, good looking people and very friendly. The sun is indeed a source of energy and it feels good of feeling it directly in your skin while walking in the city and not in the beach.

I was thinking of buying another phone after I sold the other one. I am planning to stick just on one network, I'm thinking Sun cellular might be ok now but I just can't be sure it seems like they are having network problem most of the time.


  1. I had one of this China Phones a year ago and it was horrible!

    So it was cool the first few days or weeks using it. But after sitting on it (accidentally) and throwing it (accidentally) the touch screen just went crazy.

    China phones can suck my ****!!!! LOL

    I always envy dancers when they walk; they have this certain finesse when their toes touch the ground and their heels fly from earth.

    -----yes, i am a frustrated dancer/painter

  2. singing:

    "i'm walking in sunshine... it makes me feel good!"

  3. whatever you do, DO NOT GET A SUN POSTPAID ACCOUNT!!! i made that mistake a few years ago. the service wasn't consistent and the darn phone broke within a few months time. haha friendly advice lang.

  4. that is why it is called the "graveyard" shift honey. zombies. hehehe.

    im glad i don't work at night anymore, the sunlight is like 1000 IU vit e. now, my skin is glowing than ever. lol.

    and, Globe ka na lang! para unlitext tayo.