Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fairy tales

I was packing my things since I am slowly moving now to my new place. I packed the books first that I haven't read yet and some that I wish to keep. I donated the books that I am done reading to the city library. Anyway there was this one book that I even though I have read it already I still keep it with me. It is a collection of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. Others might get their strength from some religious book but I got mine from fairy tales, well there are other books that inspired me too but when I was still young these fairy tales has helped me through in life.

I was an elementary student then when I learned about the wonderful things that I can find in books. My aunt has this book, a collection of all the best fairy tales you can find in the world. I can still remember what my mother did to my half-brother when they visited me one summer. They were in one bed next to me but not that close to me but I can hear my half-brother telling my mother that he can't sleep and asked my mother to tell him bed time stories. I listened to my mother while she was telling a story for him.

How wonderful will be it be to have a mother beside your bed and tell you about the story Snow White before you go to bed. When I watched cartoons about Snow White my half-brother would boast that mama already told her about that. I felt envious and I struggled to learn how to read so that I would know and be able to read the best fairy tales in the world.

These fairy tales that I've read help me survived each day. Hoping that one day I would have my very own fairy godmother that would grant all my wishes. I would wish for a mother and a father. I would wish for a family. But each day as I grow older I learned that fairy tales don't come true. That they are a product of one man's imagination. As I remember those days, these fairy tales that I read in books help me to survive. It helps me ease the pain of living each day by daydreaming that brought me to places where I meet the Cinderella and was welcomed in her very beautiful castle, where I joined Ariel and explored her world in the sea.

When I remember that night today, it made me cry. How I wish that I would have a fairy god mother where I can ask her for a loving mother that would tell me these wonderful stories before I go to sleep. How I wish I could have a mother where we can join the mermaids in the sea or we can ride on a magic carpet together in a far away land.


  1. i miss my mom too...i miss her so badly that i'm willing to leave everything now and just move in with her 39,878 miles away.

    i use to have Andersen's books. it's just that i prolly lost them when we kept on moving houses when I was a kid or donated them to some peepz at Pateros.

    fairy tales do come true sweetie. i know that the world could be so mean and all, but don't lose hope. it's this THING with believing to something; if no one believes it'll work-it'll fail and collapse. As long as there is one strong soul out there willing to support one thing he trully believes in-it will never collapse, it will never be gone.

    we all have our hopes and wishes in life. and we must all do what we can do just to get what we want. you have to accept the fact, that in the end- you'll be the only one helping yourself up if anything bad happens.

    how i just wish I'm infront of you right now, giving you one old magic lamp with a genie on it with a smile on my face. Hugging you tight as I can and whispering "it'll pull through" as I let go and give you the magic lamp that would grant all your wishes come true :)

    sorry for already making a post on this. *HUGSIES and KISSES*

  2. the only book of Andersen's that I have is the snow queen (I think that was the title).. MY favorite children's book author is Dahl.. I forgot her first name.. >.<

    Cheer up! All fairy tales have all the happiness happen in the end.. If you're still not happy right now, maybe it isn't yet time for happily ever after.. ^_^

  3. fairy tales are humanity's first movies. in my humble opinion, they are one of the highest forms of literature and orature.

  4. the problem with fairy tales is that they set up the girl at disappointment. in real life, the prince goes off with the wrong princess. or the spell wears off and two lovers realize that they are better whatever they are..." - gossip girl

    i have nothing against fairy tales, i lovet! but it's a make believe, too good to be true...

    i just enjoy those songs from walt disney when i watch.

    you will be ok, life is not a fairy tale after all, but we could always dream and hope...

    thanks for always dropping by.

  5. I sometimes regret that I did not read books earlier. Sana mas profound at smarter din ako magsulat ngayon. Charing!

    Aside from the usual fairy tales, the book that I will always love and cried over is The Little Match Girl.

  6. there are fairy tales all around us. we just don't know it for we have a borne concept on what and how fairy tales should be...

    it is healthy to dream of having a fairy tale sure though when to wake up.

  7. there's nothing wrong in believing in fairy tales. the problem lies in a disconnect between dreams and reality. masakit when you realize na masama pala ugali ni prince charming or funny pala yung evil witch pero the sooner you get over it, the better off you'll be.