Monday, April 13, 2009


Is lying a sin? According to my friend ( as sin is a term used mainly in a religious context to describe an act that violates a moral rule, or the state of having committed such a violation. If morality is defined by individual conscience then what if you have to lie to someone because you believed that this is the thing that has to be done? What if lying to that person is what you believed to be the right thing to do? Will you consider that a sin? What if someone thinks that lying does not violate the moral rule as long the other person is not hurt is that a sin? Is it a sin to make someone happy with a lie?

I am just confused right now with what to tell to a special person. Should I lie just to make this person happy? It is not a great lie though that can cause a world war three but its something that I am just confused to do. What is he finds out the truth? I would lose all credibility that I have for this person which too me time to build. And if I don't that would make him sad which would end our friendship.
Would you rather lie to someone just to make the other person happy?


  1. I say for the most part, honesty is the best policy -- even if its hard to do. of course, there are those cases where the only way to ward off evil is to deceive it, but that instance is so rare.

    even though you're saying to make the other person happy, it really is much more personal. you want the other person to be happy so that you don't have to face the consequences of the truth, di ba? if you can't be honest to your friends, then you are really friends. if you are meant to be friends, then, the suffering of the truth will make it stronger. good luck!

  2. i wouldn't lie.. i'd probably just positively position what i have to say and add in a few praises. i think some people refer to it as the sandwich method. good+(mild)bad+good

  3. no. lying is like a ticking timebomb. enough said.

    i'd rather break this someone's heart by telling the truth rather than making this someone happy with a lie.

  4. I was talking to one of my good friends in the car one time and we talked about sins.

    here's the things with them.
    "we are punished BY our sins, not FOR our sins."
    its your conscious fucking you up once in a while, but I guess it lies more into what your ethics are.

    it depends-if its for the greater good or not :P

    is this PUP? oh friendship? hehe. *HUGS*

  5. Nah, it's not worth lying.

    It'll just snowball till you won't be able to control it.

    That's when the shit hits the fan.

    And it's not a pretty sight.

  6. i meant, if you can't be honest to your friends, then you really are NOT friends. sorry na.

  7. @the geek: i would say he is worth to lie for and worth to die for just like the Filipinos to Ninoy Aquino - worth dying for.

  8. @herbs: kinda related to PUP, can't get over with

  9. yes that is one of the danger in knowing the fact that sometimes evil must be deceived... we inflate and think our personal issues are collective and that rare circumstance applies to our case! if you think someone is worth lying for, that is possession and you aren't loving him, you're trying to control him.

  10. somebody said that one lie is a start of series of lies...

  11. @geek- so true. its a never-ending cycle.

    @grammi mathy-zomg. i hope everything's going well between you too. best of luck *HUGSIES*