Thursday, April 2, 2009

I evaluated my self of what have I accomplished last month. I haven't finish reading my book of the month which is just a very thin one that would only take hours for others to read. I only read a few pages of the book, its about Kino and his pearl. The book was written by John Steinbeck.

I haven't transferred to my new pad yet. It was located in the heart of the slum. I paid a month in advance already since i have paid already for my current place until may so i still have a lot of time to move my stuff. I am going to miss my place when I move. Leaving this place is very hard for me but I have to do it due to my financial needs. But I just love my current place so much, I mean gawd for Christ sake I have such hottie housemates and your boy next door is someone that could satisfy your very basic needs and they are Jollibee and McDonalds. I am going to miss this neighbors, they are very nice neighbors.

I was supposed to jog at least once a week and swim at least twice a month but I only jog around 3 times and never get a chance to wet myself in the pool. it has been a very long time already since I played basketball, the last time I played soccer was when I was in high school. That was like eons of times ago. on the other hand i was able to finish more than half of my school requirements. I just hope I didn't flunk. Again.

Last February I have written 13 blog entries and now its at 14 which is an improvement if we look into the numbers. I haven't noticed my grammar has improve though or that my ability to express my thoughts in words. I am a funny person and I just love to hear jokes and just laugh out loud but when I read my entries its so dull. I guess I would have to learn to be funny in writing or on how to express my ideas flawlessly.

I was also able to save a few bucks and the digits in my bank account has changed and the numbers increased even in times of recession. I would have to believe to what others said that a lazy person is always in crisis. I would say in some point yes and sometimes proper budgeting would do a great help too.

I haven't accomplish half of what I have listed that I would have to do last month. Watching old movies of Kris Aquino I would say that her performance really sucks but mine for last month is worst.

I don't know if I am in love with Pup, we are still exchanging text messages. I received a messages from him almost every hour if he is awake. We haven't talk about sex either, its just about movies and stuff but I didn't find it boring. I enjoyed every bit of our messages.


The space function is now working. I don't know how. Maybe the google or the blogger team read my posts and so they fixed it. What do you think? Anyway, I would like to thank the Google or the Blogger team for doing. I lav yah guys! More power!



  1. evaluation is always good. haha and at least kahit di mo nagawa mga gusto mo like running or swimming, nagawa mo naman yung school stuff mo. bawian lang. hehe

    blog on!

  2. i've always found that when books take more than 2 or 3 days to read, they are either profound and interesting, or I'm forcing myself to read something that I'm not interested in.

  3. my god you play soccer? good for you... i wish i have a sports.

    don't be too hard on yourself, just focus on the good ones and you'll feel good.


  4. ohmahfawkinggawd. SPORTS?

    i'm so awkward with stuffs like these. I usually get someone injured or me. SO I gave up already- PE 1 was CHESS! WHOOOOO hahahaha