Monday, March 30, 2009

oh! The Web

I don't know if there are people here in the blogosphere who used to play with spiders. When I was still young until I reached elementary I sometimes look for spiders on my way to school. If adults have cockfighting we have spiders which we also placed bet sometimes. The reward is pride that you have the bravest and a very good spider compared to others. If your spider as a reputation of being a killer then you can sell it at a higher price. It was so much fun then playing with them, there was cheering of who's spider is the best. It is really so gross to care for one or to have it as a pet perhaps if the term pet is acceptable. Every morning I would feed it with my own saliva, eeewww. There are also different characteristics of each spiders which since we are still young at that time and all we knew was if a spider lives inside a house then its a coward own, a waste of time. If a spider can be seen in a grass fields if its body is soft and color red that it is a fighter but the best of them is a spider found in banana plants but finding one takes time and luck. You have to wake up early in the morning since that is the time that most of them can be found. I don't know what happens to them during noon, sometimes they can be found in the afternoon too and late at night but its just too dangerous to get out when its dark already because you have to be careful not to be bitten by snakes. We placed them in matchboxes and we have to be very careful if we bring it to school because sometimes our teachers inspect our bags and if they caught you having spiders they would confiscate it. Some teachers are really very cruel because they stepped on them. Gawd! That would perhaps witnessing death each day since almost every day they could confiscate one, what a sight of cruelty. Cruel teachers. Others would lead to punishment like cleaning the rooms.
I just missed playing it but now that I have grown I learn to care for things even to little animals. I don't know if I would do such a thing and step on spiders if I caught my students playing with them once I become a teacher. I think what we have done with spiders was cruel too. I just missed playing with them, I don't know what happened to my playmates. I wonder if they still play with spiders or they have grown up already and can be found in cockfighting arenas every Sunday.
I am still exchanging messages with my friends housemate. He loves to play video games like DOTA. After work either he is playing PSP or can be found in the cafes playing DOTA. I am two years older than him. I haven't seen him yet but he said that he saw me already once and he can still remember how I look. ^sigh^
I can't really figure it out but I have been pressing the "enter" button but it seems that my paragraphs won't go to the other line. Like for example if I pressed it five times it's supposed to go down five lines before the next paragraph and that should be the thing that would appear but when I publish the post the paragraphs are so close to each other. Can someone help me please?


  1. yes. i used to do this too.

    i was kind of a wimp when i was a kid cause i only get 'em "gagambang bahay" haha

    and yes, i do get my spidey ass kicked a lot of times lol

  2. when i was a kid, we usually name our gagamba according to the tree it came from.

    like lawwalawwa nga santol (lawwa-lawwa is ilocano term for gagamba) , lawwa-lawwa nga bayabas. :p

    regarding sa posting problem mo koya, gawa ka muna sa word and then copy-paste it na lang :p

  3. Broodmother pala favorite dota hero mo, KERDEL ako. ggclient tau hehehe.

  4. those were the days....masaya magsabong ng gagamba noon!

  5. wow.. never ko naexperience to. does that make me retarded? :c

    not sure kung same yung satin. naka blogger in draft kasi ako pero may option dun pag nagttype ka.. sa post options, hanapin mo yung edit html settings.. make sure nakaselect yung Convert newlines to < br / >s

  6. cb: where can I find post options?
    Frustrated doctor: tried that already and still it won't work. I tried doing it with another word processing software but still when I copied and pasted it looks fine but when I publish them that's where the bad part shows, it won't leave a line.

  7. sa baba yun ng blogger post something.. gawa ako screenshot. pero based on your latest post parang okay na eh. hehe