Saturday, March 14, 2009

These blogs...

I checked some blogs that I follow and notice how well they arranged words and to include the pictures that they posted. Some of them even placed pictures on their post which I am still trying to figure out how to do it. I have tried it once but the picture won't appear to the part which I want it to be posted. I just wonder how many hours do they spent in order to create such this kind of blogs. Some even posted sketches which would greatly take time in order for me to accomplish such work.
I sometimes try my best to remember the things that I wanted to post here but when I am in front of the screen my mind goes blank. I can't think of any except if that is really a very recent event. I just admire how these people remembers the events of their lives to the very detailed part of it that you could even feel the movement of their muscles, every flex of their fingers and every sound that they have heard.


  1. i know the feeling. sigh. its like standing infront of the class talking about something when suddely your trail of thought just suddenly fades.

    i guess the next blog post will be about your amazing sexcapades ching! haha

  2. some bloggers have been doing this for a very long time already, that's why mukhang effortless... but once masanay ka na, darating ka din dun...

    posting pics is actually easy, kasi user-friendly naman blogspot... hehehe

  3. dun sa huling talata mo, mas maganda na kung may isang pangyayari sa buhay mo na gusto mo isulat, isulat mo yan agad sa isang notebook para ipaskil mo na lang yan sa blog kung gugustuhin mo.

    sabi nga ni kuya gillboard, madali lang ang mag-paskil ng larawan sa blogspot. masasanay ka rin nyan pag tumagal

  4. hey gram math-hehe hay nku it took me like forver nung nag start palang ako mag blog to get familiar with the stuff around here,kalikot mo lang matutunan mo din yan hehe

    pag lalagay ng picture?kapag nasa creat a new post ka may mga icon sa taas nun like pictures,spelling and videos,clik mo yun pictures then click mo browse then mag open yun window for your pic na nakasave sa pc mo yun n yun

  5. @mac callister: i tried to add an image but it wont appear to the part which i want it to be shown, like on the left side only or on the right side

  6. not a pro ha pero i have acquired a few bits of knowledge over the years.

    re:pics it's pretty easy. mabait ang blogger. hehe and i agree... sanayan lang yan. sa una, mahirap pero after a few posts you'll be doing it like a pro.

    re:posts i need a happy place to write. kung di ako komportable, pilit and lumalabas. so natuto na ako. ngayon pag nakikita ko yung blogger na page, nakaset na yung mind ko na maging open. siguro kanya kanya nga lang talaga yan.