Thursday, March 19, 2009

Online dating

I woke up so early today and decided to complete my school assignments which has long been due. Since my internet connection here is impossible to download even a single bit of data I decided to go into an internet cafe. I have heard from some friends that they met several guys in the net and some are even chatting on the same cafe were they're at. This got me curious though since its been almost a month already that I'm exchanging emails with these guy who is so eager that we meet yet I always decline his invitation. I am not just into it right now. I am not tired of having sex and at my age it would be a big no. I am just busy with school and work at this day that I don't have time for sex, I think sex can wait but school and work can't at this time.
I got excited to join a channel in IRC. I still remember that this is what we used before with my friends when YM and other messengers are still under construction or programmers are still trying to fix the bugs. I just love the feeling of being online again and be able to chat with someone pretending that you are superman or that you are the cutest guy in town. The sad thing is that almost everyone is up into sex and only a few are up for a conversation. I am think I am getting old faster than I thought, faster than the Big Ben of London. Some are direct to the point while others you go around in circle at first only end up discussing whether are willing to meet him or not. Others are so boring, far more boring than the picture of a president of some troubled country.
I received a call today from that guy that I met online. I sent him a text message the other day and he was calling to ask who I am and of where did I get his number. I was like so discouraged that I think online dating is not for met at this time. It was just about two days ago from my last email to him and he had already forgotten my number? How amazing was his memory.


  1. aw.. that sucks. online dating's crazy. you gotta have a tough shell to stand it. they should probably change the name from "online dating" to "hook-up meeting place."

    btw, you've been tagged!!!

  2. haha i know that,u just cant be serious out there.but once in a while u'll meet someone good to talk to too.

  3. aw. thats the thing with the internet. you can be bogus and you can be true. you can leave anyone the second you dont feel like talking to them anymore

    but then again, they're human too.

  4. Just don't fall for these people that fast. Take it from someone who's been there done that. Hehehe =)

  5. cliche but charge it to experience...hehehe

    thank you for following...will do the same...