Monday, March 9, 2009

Moving out

I have been busy lately looking for a new place. I can still afford to stay in my current place but I have to look for something cheaper. I have been thinking of moving into this dormitory, its like a typical dormitory type of room just like what I have read in Daddy Long Legs, two beds in a room and then each of you have your own table. But thinking of my past experiences about having a roommate really scared me. I remember this roommate of mine who was a nursing student that he wipe alcohol even for his hanger, I don't have a problem with people being so clean but maybe I just felt intimidated at that time because I am not really into that thing in terms of cleaning.
This morning a friend of mine said that since he is leaving to Canada next month that I can rent the place on the 20th of this month. I checked the place this morning, there is nothing fancy about the life. The neigborhood is just like the slum in the movie slumdog millionaire but I don't hear people shouting at that morning. One neighbor plays a Christian song loudly that it turns out to be some kind of a disco music instead of a praising song. The room is so dark when you turn off the lights which is what I really like about the place. In my current place I couldn't see a single thing if I turn the lights off even at noon. I just don't like the roof though, its not made of bricks or some cement its made of a thin piece of metal. I am really scared living in a place like that because one thing is I saw in the television every New Year's Eve and Christmas or anytime that there are people killed or being hit by stray bullets even inside their homes. I don't wanna reach 30 years old but I don't wanna die either because of a stray bullet.
I think about it when I reached home. I decided that I would get the place and will be moving on the 21st. I don't want to bring any of my appliances though. I'll just bring my clothes, my laptop, my cellphone I don't even plan bringing my radio. I want to live a simple life. Just my books and just focus on my studies and work. The idea kills me. I don't think I would be able to do it. But anyway I have already made the decision its either I would give my appliances to my friend who doesn't own a television set or to that girl which I don't even know her name who just live next room.


  1. goodluck with finding a place, mate. :)

  2. wow. sounds exciting! i envy your independence.