Thursday, March 12, 2009


The day came when I felt so little about myself. I felt so ignorant, so uneducated, a dumb, a fool. This was when a friend of mine said that about what he feel when he heard the news about something and he said that he was so flabbergast. I just responded in a low voice, "wow." And that is all I can really say because I don't know what flabbergast means. They keep on talking with my other friend and I was just so silent thinking what the word flabbergast means.
It still took me days before I finally search the word in the dictionary. "Ahh, so this is what flabbergast means." I already have an idea of what the word means but I just want to make sure. I don't want to assume things just like what had happen before. I have this friend who ask me something and I replied to her message that I forgot and could not remember anymore. She replied, "oh! Really? How oblivious." The message really got into my nerves and I was so mad at her. I thought the message was really so sarcastic and she was trying to imply something. When I changed my number I didn't included saving her number. Then years after that incident I suddenly remember the word "oblivious" and look for its meaning in the dictionary. I was full of regrets and if I only knew its meaning before we would still have communication these days. I don't know her number anymore or how to reach her. Anyway why is it that she decided to use such word where in she could have just use word forgetful instead of the word oblivious.
Now that I know what flabbergast means I use it to create a sentence. "When I saw him on the street with another guy I was so flabbergasted that I went ballistic." Bravo to myself! Wouldn't you agreet that this statement is so powerful and so gay.


  1. bongga ever!

    i just find it really stupid how people uses them grandiose words for a reason just to impress.

    just let em be :) i can't imagine you're friends would be like that to you.

  2. Wow, those are so not grandiose words. They are only impressive to those with a poor vocabulary. Seriously, I knew those words by the 4th grade. And the fact that you ended a friendship over a word you didn't understand, not to mention waited years to actually look it up is pathetically sad.

    Herbs D., I find your entire post stupid from the bad grammar to the improper use of you're. your=possessive you're= you are

  3. @anonymous: i dont think that you'll be able to stumbe in my blog in the future but anyhow you are correct. my vocabulary is not that rich though that is why i am working on it. yah i know its kinda pathetic that it took me time to search for the meaning of the word "oblivious." wow! you've known these words when you are already in the 4th grade? i dunno but i just find these words so gay for me to use it everyday, in that case you must be very gay then when you are already in the 4th grade, isn't it? hmmm. By the way your parents must raised you so well because you were able to know these words at a very young age, must be an exclusive school for the gifted child such as yourself.

  4. omg hindi ko napansin yun hahaha. sors :P
    thats pretty pwning.

    i still think they're grandiose HAHA