Sunday, March 8, 2009

This is my love story - under construction

I have nothing to do today, no work and no school which is like a holiday to me. It's a Saturday and I text my friends if any of them would like to go clubbing tonight but I got no response from them. Sometimes I wonder why these people I call friends are not there when I needed them, well on the second thought I don't think clubbing is a life and death situation but I just thought I need them. I can go solo flight if I want to which I have done it already but I just don't feel of doing it tonight. So what I did is grab my back pack and headed myself to McDonalds to study. I just love to study either in McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts because when I get hungry its easier to grab something to eat but recently I decided to stick at McDonalds, I really hate those spam emails, I received one saying that doughnut is one of the foods that can cause cancer.
I got tired of watching people there and so I decided to check my emails and read some blogs. I just wonder why most gays or bisexuals love John McLaughlin instead of Cher, Celine Dion or Regine, the days have changed so fast. Most topics are about blogs and I remember those feelings when I was still a high school student. I seldom experience nowadays crushes and love. I have some colleagues at work and some of my classmates at school which serves as my inspiration and everytime I just see them my heart beat so fast that I felt like I was elevated two inches higher from cloud nine. But the sad thing is I don't have a love story like those I read in blogs. I don't have those encounters in public places where we wink on each other and nod and then go to a place we can call our own. So what I did today as part of my list for this month is to have a love story. I've read a blog about a survey that most gays found their partners online. So I decided to go online on mIRC and updated my guys4men profile. I just hate it though when your chatting with people because most of them asked for pictures which I don't have and if I have I don't want to upload it anyway, even my friendster profile doesn't have a picture of myself.
There was this guy which we are already sending messages to each other through e-mail which I hope is a good start. I want my love story to be like those in movies like a message in a bottle or you've got mail. Today I replied to his message and hopefully there would be progress. He keeps on asking for my phone number in almost all of his e-mails which every response has every excuse that I can imagine. Sometimes it is hard to have a relationship online, I mean keeping a relationship because you just don't know that the person is just your neighbor or worst could be your brother or sister. I also decided to create a profile in which I hope will work. But I just love going online and meeting people though. The hardest thing though is that there are more illusions than realities.


  1. goodluck with that! hope it turns out great. ;)

  2. Just remember, each of us has our own love story to tell. Do not expect to have a story as those in the movies. Sometimes, you can have something better. :)

  3. um. yeah..they're quite hard.

    its how the internet works, you can just stop talking to someone if you feel like it.