Sunday, May 31, 2009


I haven't updated my blog for several days. I have a co-worker who said that he and his friend have been following my blog. I can't look at him straight in the face. I asked him how he was able to get the link of my blog. He just smiled.

This is the only place where I have been real to myself. I have never been this real to anyone except to this blog. I want to keep this blog private but I want an audience. I have been seeking for attention. I craved to be appreciated, to be loved. I craved for things that I can't bluntly tell the world that I want these things.

I can't be that honest to someone. I can't be so honest to myself. There are things that I wanted that I am ashamed of for wanting them. These are desires that I try to hide.


  1. ganun talaga... darating din ang time na makikilala tayo dahil sa blog na ito.

  2. TSK, TSK....

    AKO, OKAY lang na malaman nila kung sino ako...

    maldita kasi ako..hehehe

    miss your posts

  3. kahit naman anung tago natin sa takdang panahon pasasaan pa't malalaman din ng iba ang tinatago natin. wag ka masyado affected. hayaan mo silang mag-isip ng kung ano. baka naman kasi sa e-mail mo nila nalaman or may common friend kayo!

  4. you should have asked him on a date.

  5. haha.. I know , right?

    Somebody knew that I am blogging and that somebody read my blog...

    I denied it.. haha

    Someday soon i will admit it.. :)

  6. aw tama sa blog lang tayo halos nagiging totoo sa sarili naten :)

  7. good thing about blogging is that it gives us a platform to be ourselves, with such complicated world that we are in, anonymity helps.

    and don't be ashamed of wanting to be loved and be appreciated. it's human nature, we all do. cheer up, who knows, your one big love might be reading the real you and maybe one day, it's gonna be a happy ending.

  8. ouch. i know what you mean. haha i've kept my posts pretty wholesome once my school friends started reading me. sana lang matanggal na uyng censor ko.