Sunday, May 24, 2009


My professor said that culture is a redefined taste. My friend wiki said that it is commonly used in three basic sense and one of them is excellence in taste of fine arts and humanities. If I were to evaluate myself I couldn't say that I have an excellence in taste of fine arts. I just remembered my plans in life yesterday that I have long forgotten to improve myself. I still haven't finished reading Jane Hamilton's The Short History of A Prince. I promised to myself that I am going to listen to Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and Tsaichovsky. But everytime I went to buy one and I look at the price I decided that I will just have to download their it on the internet but I haven't done that either.

I love listening to the Lisa Gerrard which my friend laughed when they learned about it. I find her music very wonderful like dieties in the midnight from some kind of a fairy tale offering great comfort.

I wanted to learn how to make paintings like Picasso but everytime I look at his paintings I couldn't understand. I am pretty sure that I get bored if I go to a museum. The photos of Ian Veneracion and Michael Vartan are far more interesting to me compared to the Mona Lisa. But I still dream that one day I can look at a painting and I would be able to understand it. I dream that I can look into a painting one day and I can feel the drama, the thought and the meaning behind it. I just don't know how to do it and where to start when I find them uninteresting and boring. I still dream that I would be able to learn how to paint and draw. I will find a lover then of same interest. We would to the beach and capture the sunset and the sunrise and make love.

I also want to learn how to play musical instruments. Like the guitar and the piano. I want to learn how to play the piano far more beautiful than Maksim, be able to play the violin with far excellence compared to Vannessa Mae. How I wish that I could play Giuseppe Tartini's Devil Trill without those cramps.

How I wish I have this thing they called high culture.


  1. i know what you mean. i'm not a big fan of the classics because (personally) i find them so unrelatable. gusto ko rin ma-appreciate sina tsaichovsky at mozart pero at the end of the day, mas enjoy parin ako kay lady gaga. haha

  2. read Fili, the first Filipino gay novel!

  3. the first filipino gay novel? i'm confused. it was required reading back in high school. i guess i should've paid more attention? hehe

  4. If you really want to appreciate and understand art works when you look at them in museums and galleries, the best thing to do is to read about the environmental conditions when the art piece was made. the environmental conditions would, often times, be reflected in the art piece as seen by the artist.

    nice blog. ill be reading your blog regularly. :D