Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am back after a few days that I was like in a prolonged death status. Gosh, I have to read several blogs. I can't believe it, I have to read like 365 entries. I have been following several blogs. Some of them are about travel and such and such. It keeps me a live, knowing that there are other people out there trying to live too, and they are trying hard. Anyway after reading all this blogs its time too to sort out the mess that I have left. No wonder why people who are about to die usually clean their rooms and their house just in case they won't die yet they won't be spending the rest of their life cleaning it which basically is the error I have made. I didn't clean my room, so I have to clean it now.

I went to my school too to take my post test exam for Filipino. Gawd, why is it that I have to learn Tagalog when I am living in this geographical location where in this language is hated or only a few is using it? How ironic. I would say that it is Filipino because there are letters that were added and is different from Tagalog but the way I look at this language its just like those dresses that were made by designers and you just add something or change it then you would say that it is custom made, just like that. One reason why I don't like this subject is that I am not really good at it, not that I am good in other subjects anyway but I am not really good into this one.
I just realized today how wonderful blogging is. You can find your audience, people that will read your thoughts, criticize you and can even become your friends. I once posted my wish of exchanging emails with someone that would be able to help me correct my grammar. I realized that I don't even need to do that because I can just compose something like an email for everybody. True indeed that we don't have to go out and look for opportunity but to realize it when it shows. I am thankful since I am to find friends, well not that close but I know we are all working on it to know each and everyone here little by little.


  1. me! me! me! i am your friend :P

  2. yup.. you can bond to a lot of people and blogs are resumes-of-all-sorts. you could learn a lot here.

    but never forget your blog should only serve its author and not the readers (of the author).


    i wonder kung magsusulat ka ng tagalog minsan

  3. ei. thanks for being a follower..god bless po

  4. dabo makes good advice. sometimes its easy to forget that the blog should serve the author and not the readers!

  5. on cleaning rooms before committing suicide: some people, myself included, would clean their rooms before checking out early, because it is such a bother for others to clean up after someone else's mess. LOL.

    you should try writing in filipino. you'd be surprised to find out the urgency it lends to your thoughts. i only hope i were better in writing in filipino, to add credence to my advice. hehe. :)

  6. so glad that you're back! :)

  7. yeah agree with dabo and lof. as long as u don't lose ur voice, go lang ng go! :D