Thursday, May 21, 2009

I missed the guy

I slept with someone last night. He is a serious kind of guy. He is cute, lean and the height is just average. Though I didn't feel any spark. I thought it was just in movies that you want to sleep with someone that would light all your circuits. It was just a one night stand but I still love it if there was a spark.

I miss the guy that I hooked up with last week. I want to send him a message but I am scared or maybe ashamed or maybe its my pride. I don't know. I just don't want to go after him and tell him that I like him. It was just supposed to be a no-strings-attached affair and I don't know what is this that I am feeling. He was great of course, the sex part was good, we have tried several positions. I just love it.

Was there a point in your life when you have a one night stand with someone and then you still think about that person after several days already? I couldn't even figure out if this is love or just pure lust that I am feeling towards him. I checked his friendster almost every time. I keep on thinking of what he is doing right now.


  1. i think might be your pride. you might as well try because the worst he will do is not answer you or say no. better to know than to wonder for the rest of your life. if he's a no-response or says no kind of guy then just move on.

  2. aw. naranasan ko na rin yang hinahanap-hanap mo. tama siya na you should get to know more of him kesa asking him agad about what u feel towards him.

  3. wag na pairalin ang pride.. if u enjoyed it, chances are he enjoyed it, too! :D

    text him. text him now!!!

    and yes, nagka ONS na ako na naulit. everyday for 2 weeks. siguro two weeks stand na yun. hehe it didn't work out pero at least we explored the option. mas mainam na yun kaysa magka whatifs ka.