Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've heard a lot of stories from people about their mother and today it seems that the number of people has been doubled. Stories of how good their mother was to them. I felt sad while hearing their stories. Sad and envious. Sometimes it even made me furious of why they have such wonderful mothers that guided them when they grow up, someone that has helped them in many other ways.

Until now I still have doubts of whether the person I knew as my mother is really my real mother. I have known stories and seen them of how mothers love their children which I haven't experienced. The only time, I remember that I was happy together with my mother was when we are on our way to our farm. She said that we will have a race of who runs faster. I ran so fast with all my might. It was one of the things that I can remember that I was happy with mother. It was the time that I felt that I am her son. I have to stop running at that time because my feet were tired and I have exhausted all my strength. I was laughing, we were laughing. How I wish I had more strength at that time so that I can stretch that moment in my life when I was happy with my mother. How I wish I had the strength to keep on running and be with her. But I can't, she left me.

I have managed to face life without a mother for several years now but I still wish that I can turn back time and live another life with a mother. They said that one shouldn't miss one that never had. But I miss having a mother even if I had that experienced for a short time only, I still want to have one. I don't know if I would have a life like this if I had a mother. Someone that will help me make wiser decisions.


  1. i know living life other than in the form of mother-worship is taboo in our society. but consider that now that you are older, you can be the mother to yourself that you never had. it is impossible to change the past. but you have a whole life of the present ahead of you that you can change.

  2. ditto with Liney said-he's such a mother figure!

    @Liney-adopt mo na kasi siya! :P

  3. umulit ka na naman... cheer up!